Is Your Diet Making You Gain Weight?


Losing weight is not a child’s play, it does not happen in a day or two. Patience is what you need the most. Along with this patience, you are also required to know your bodily needs and the correct information about various diets that you are taking in. Your diet plan might be bouncing back without your knowledge. This could end up frustrating you and taking you down the depression tunnel. It is always important to have adequate knowledge regarding foods before, taking on the task of losing fat.

There are a few practices which are making you put on more weight instead of making you lose any weight.  A few of these are enumerated here, so the next time you are trying to lose weight, make sure you avoid these.

Yes, it is really important to massacre the daily count of calories intake. But usually people skip their meals and try to have all those skipped calories in one supersized meal. This is a big set back to the dieting routine of yours. Although you take fewer calories, this would decrease your metabolism. Still you do not take them over distributed portions. Accumulating all the calories for one big meal would make you starve the entire day, which is not encouraged. A better agenda is to take a few calories every now and then so you do not starve all day but take small portions of meals.

Eating unevenly and capriciously is another practice which makes you gain more weight instead of losing it. Uneven portions of meals would make it difficult for you to lose weight easily. It is important to have a well balanced and well nourishing diet which would help you lose weight more effectively. Your meals should provide you with the right kind of energy so that you do not starve all day.

People often believe that foods that are healthy and nourishing would not make them gain weight. So they often over eat them as well. Sadly that is not the case. A healthy snack might have lower calories, but still eating a lot of those fewer calories would increase the daily calorie count, thus hindering the weight loss. Hence, counting every small calorie might help you keep an eye on your spree of losing weight.

As always, nothing changes over time. Likewise, you can’t be stick thin in a day. Losing weight is a process, and thus it requires a lot of patience and determination. Some people might cut down a lot of calories, diminishing even the essential amount which they must take in. It is significant not to rush into things, rather take slower steps. Cutting down a lot of calories might slow down the metabolism. With a slow metabolism you cannot lose weight. Junk food is the main reason people gain weight, in order to loose fats, cutting down the diet of junk food is a must. We need to balance our diet, although it’s no surprise that ‘balance’ is a very boring word when it comes to balancing your diet especially when you love food! The first rule is to never response to your hunger instead set rules of eating.

Having talked about patience, it is important to talk about consistency too. When people achieve their goal of losing weight, they often fall back to their old routines, which makes them gain the weight again. You must avoid such approaches and should always continue your habits of eating healthy and keeping a check on the calorie count.

Losing weight might be cumbersome for a few people but it is not impossible. A little patience, motivation and consistency is all that is required.