Healthy lifestyle is the key for living with diabetes: Wasim Akram


Accu Chek Wellness Fair 2015’ that included a number of activities such as free blood glucose testing, nutrition consultancy, diet plan, fitness tips, games, live music, etc. was held at the city’s Port Grand.

Pakistan’s legendary cricketer, Wasim Akram, participated in the event which was organized by the world’s largest blood glucose meter brand Accu-Chek on World Diabetes Day2015. On this occasion, country head Sohail Malik said, “We always believe in educating people for a better lifestyle with diabetes. We not only want to make people aware but also to make them understand that diabetes is not a disease it’s a lifestyle.”

Earlier, Wasim Akram took an oath from the youth for Accu-Chek’s new initiative of Youth Task Force. This new project is a CSR activity in which the youth will be involved in creating diabetes awareness.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Akram commented: “I am happy to be a part of such an event where I experience people actively participating in healthy lifestyle. This is how I have maintained myself. Healthy living is the key for living with diabetes. Involvement of youth in diabetes awareness can change the society significantly, he added. A large number of citizens attended the event.

News source: Medical News Pakistan