Getting tanned? Use these 3 tricks to make your skin radiant again


People who work or go to schools and colleges have one problem in common. In the midst of trying to fulfill their duties out of home, they lose their complexion under the merciless Karachi sun and their skin begins to look dull with every passing day.

While people in the West may count this as a blessing and would work harder to achieve a tanned look, we Asians do not fancy the idea of having a honey-toned skin – let alone a tanned complexion.

Therefore, shared below are certain tips and hacks that can help you regain your natural skin tone.

It should be noted that all these are tried and tested remedies made from purely herbal and natural products. However, you might want to try an allergy test by applying the pack elsewhere on your body – perhaps your hand, so you can view it easily – to see if any reaction occurs or not. If any redness is noted, do not apply it on your face. Drop it. What might work for others would not necessarily work for you too. Try another remedy, or you can visit your dermatologist for a more detailed session.


First and the foremost is everyone’s all time favorite, Fullers Earth. Some even know it as Multani Mitti. It comes in the form of rocks that are permeable to water. They can be soaked in it and hence dissolve to form a thick, cement like paste in consistency. Of course, it would not adhere to your face so do not take the comparison with cement too seriously. It is easily available at local stores and can also be found ready-made as ‘mud mask.’

You can either use this alone or by adding crushed almonds, honey and medicated ubtan to it. After regularly applying it, you would notice a change in your complexion within a week’s time. Apply a thick coat thrice or four times a week and leave it for 30 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.


Another one is exfoliation using brown sugar.

Yes, exfoliation, as we all know, removes the dead skin layer from our face which contributes to an uneven and darkened complexion. You can make your own exfoliant by adding coconut oil to brown sugar followed by honey and make a paste out of the three. Rub it very gently on your face, as sugar is in the form of crystals and rubbing roughly might tear out the skin.

Another great exfoliant is gram flour – also known as besan. It’s duo with turmeric is rather undeniably well-known. The drawback for people having dry skin is that gram flour does not help in minimizing the dryness; rather it contributes towards a drier skin. However this can easily be fixed by mixing the two in yogurt and not in water, as yogurt has other vital moisturizing properties. So you can have a moisturizing exfoliator even for use in winters! Alternatively, aloe vera gel, honey and olive oil serve as natural skin moisturizers and can be used if you do not like the smell of yogurt.


One can make instant face packs by using fresh seasonal fruits. This one is about using pineapples. The first step is to take a few pineapple slices and crush them. Add aloe vera gel, followed by lemon juice, to the crushed pineapples. You can either use bottled aloe vera gel or freshly extracted from your garden – it does not matter much. You would feel your Skin Radiant very soft to touch and supple after washing this off.

Another pack made from seasonal fruits of crushed strawberries with yogurt. Apply that pack cold on your face and leave for about 20 minutes. You can use it daily and the difference should be seen within two to three weeks.

So there you have it, a few quick tricks to beat the sun and keep you complexion glowing and radiant. If you have any other remedy in your mind, feel free to share it with us in the comments below.