This Food Ingredient Has More Side Effects Than You Can Possibly Imagine!


It is no secret that Chinese food is rather popular among the masses in Pakistan. If we are not eating in a Chinese restaurant, we are making Chinese dishes in the comfort of our homes. One of the main ingredients of every Chinese dish and various fast food items is the food enhancer called Chinese salt (Ajinomoto). The other name of Ajinomoto is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Unfortunately, the ingredient does a lot more than just enhance taste and most of it affects us negatively

This Food Ingredient Has More Side Effects Than You Can Possibly Imagine!1

According to a study, consuming huge amounts of MSG can lead to the onset of metabolic syndrome that manifests itself in a number of symptoms including hypertension, hyperglycemia, obesity, and high cholesterol.

One of the experts went so far as to term the ingredient as a silent killer with effects worse than even drugs, nicotine, and alcohol. However, what is really surprising that despite its various negative side effects, FDA generally considers it safe. This means that if consumed in normal amounts, the ingredient is safe.

In order to increase awareness among the Pakistanis for better health, we have enlisted below the various side effects of MSG or Chinese salt (Ajinomoto):

1.    Negative Effects of Ajinomoto in Pregnant Women

Ajinomoto can cause sterility in pregnant women. Moreover, it can also cause water retention and high blood pressure. It disturbs the glutamate balance in the body, which can further break down the placental barrier for baby’s food supply. This can lead to the disruption of baby’s immune system. The baby will be devoid of proper nutrition.

2.    Chinese Restaurant or MSG Symptom Complex

MSG can cause the notorious Chinese restaurant syndrome. Its characteristic symptoms include breathing problems, nausea, headache, burning sensations in the neck and face, vomiting, elevated heartbeats and others.

3.    Migraine

MSG can result in severe headaches. It can further grow if Ajinomoto is consumed continuously. A migraine is a critical condition where a headache is unbearable. Other symptoms that often accompany a migraine are nausea, vision change, high sensitivity to light and vomiting.

4.    Heart Problems

It negatively affects the heart as well as induces cardiac arrests, chest pains, and an increase in heartbeat.

5.    Asthma

Using Ajinomoto when you are allergic to it, can induce asthma as well. However, the link between MSG and asthma needs to be further investigated for the current research is inconclusive at the moment.

6.    Nervous Defects

MSG being a neurotransmitter can result in an imbalance in and around the nerves. It can cause milder effects, such as tingling in the neck and face, numbness to serious neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s.

This Food Ingredient Has More Side Effects Than You Can Possibly Imagine!6

Apart from these, Ajinomoto can also cause sleeping sickness, hypertension, and abnormal weight gain. Stay away from this silent killer for a healthy living.


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