Here Is How You Can Talk To Someone About Family Planning


Pakistan’s population, according to the latest Census 2017, is at around 200 million people. This is expected to increase to around 400m by 2050 as stated in the latest UN report.

Just 30 more years and there will be more people in this country than the land and the resources can afford. But our policymakers seem less bothered about it as they continue their tirade against other political parties.

The most concerning aspect, however, is that the rapid increase in population is because family planning is still a taboo in Pakistan. While different birth control methods are available in the country, contraceptive prevalence is only 32% among wealthier couples and only 12% among the poor.

Lady Health Workers and other non-governmental organizations are doing their part in spreading awareness and importance of family planning. But we also need to contribute in ways we can.

First and foremost, by having the conversation ourselves at our homes.

This World’s Population Day, which is observed every year on July 11, it’s time we have the hard talk with couples around us. Here is how we can do that without making it seem like we are invading into their personal space.

Be direct

Talking about family planning is talking about sex, which is why many people shy away from having the talk.

So, while it may seem convenient for you to try and beat around the bush to put your point across, it may leave the other person confused.

Get to the point straight. And if you yourself is uncomfortable in explaining then back yourself up with the right reading material. Pass it on to the person or couple and ask them to educate themselves about what family planning is and why it is important.

Inform don’t preach

More often than not, people do not like to be told what to do and you coming off as preachy will only make them more resentful towards having the conversation.

So, inform and explain assuming that the other person knows little or nothing. Most importantly, be patient when trying to put your point across.

Consult a doctor

It is important to remember that if you are using a particular birth control method yourself, it isn’t necessary that it would also be useful for someone else.

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The decision about what kind of method to use is a woman’s personal choice but before opting for one it’s best to advise her or the couple to consult their family doctor.

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