How to Cut Sugar from Your Life for Good


Let’s be real. Our diet plans go out the window when we’re confronted with a box of FerroroRocher’s, or a can of coke after a hot day, or those Nutella parathas at Chai Wala. Or even – well, you get my point. Sugar has evolved into a staple food item. We’ll admit to its detrimental effects on our body, but that extra bust of motivation to turn down the Cinnabon will only come with a structured plan of attack. If we aim trash the sugar addiction for good, we need two pre-requisites: a thorough understanding of how that white powdery stuff is abusing our bodies, and a set of enticing alternatives.

Let’s take a look at what happens after that Boston Kreme meets your GIT. When the glucose floods your bloodstream, your body spikes insulin levels to combat the hyperglycemia. Excessive insulin stimulates fat storage. This sets the stage for a slippery slope leading to Diabetes and obesity. It’s interesting to note that individuals from populations known for their longevity (Japan, Macau, San Merino) have displayed low fasting insulin levels. This testifies to our analysis. Experts have already established a causality between high sugar intake and mood swings and depression. Sugar is known to cause destructive inflammation, overworking one’s immune system. One might present an argument that our brain functions on sugar, but the ground reality is that the excessive sugar levels associated with soft drinks and candy can cause the brain to get ‘shorted out’. Take a long hard look, go through the research, and reprogram your mentaldynamics. It’s imperative that you begin to see sugar as the destructive force it is. Half the battle is won in the mind.

Now that we’ve established how sugar is doing our body no favors, the next logical step is to identify alternatives that help us overcome our cravings.


One can start by ramping up their level of seaweed and roasted vegetable consumption. Seaweed may not seem like the biggest treat out there, but its high chromium levels lower the body’s glycemic response, and go a long way in curbing natural cravings. Roasted vegetables are incredibly sweet naturally, and therefore dupe one’s body into feeling that they’ve just indulged in something sugary. L-Glutamine pills are another weapon-of-choice, fueling your brain so that it forgets about the sugar craving.


Fresh fruits are also a fantastic alternative. They have higher water content than dried fruits, hence filling you up more quickly. It’s a natural way to meet your decadent urges.


Out of sight is out of mind. Don’t stock your fridges and shelves with sugar laden snacks. One of the biggest ploys of the Food Industry is disguising sugar in the ‘Ingredients’ section as ‘corn syrup, dextrose, glucose, fructose and molasses. Shop smart. Sugar is hidden everywhere from ketchup and sauces to so called ‘natural fruit juices’. Another rule of thumb is to look closely at items that say ‘low fat’. This is usually synonymous with ‘high sugar’.

Omega-3-fatty acids in fish stabilize Insulin levels and kick start the body’s fat burning mechanism. Again, it’s one of the rare food items that satiates the brain’s ‘sugar craving’. If you’re not into fish, you can always go for soft gel tablets. There shouldn’t be any excuse to omit this essential nutrient from your diet.

Ultimately, the biggest factor in the war against sugar is you. You need to decide what your health goals are. You need to look deep within yourself and see whether you have it in you to live your healthiest, brightest future. Health is a mind-game, so are you a winner or a quitter?

Toss out the sugar, you’re sweet enough already.

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