Charged parking in hospitals creates inconvenience for patients


Charged parking in hospitals is becoming a major inconvenience for patients as well as their attendants. These fees have been set by either the KMC (Karachi Metropolitan Corporation) or the traffic police.

At Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK), Sindh Government Hospital and Karachi Institute of Heart Disease (KIHD) major areas are being charged for parking.

The charged parking in hospitals is being set by the KMC, who are charging Rs. 10 for motorbikes and Rs. 20 for cars. Traffic police have been set up at various points and are unfairly setting their own charged parking system outside major hospitals, where young men are hired to collect the parking fee.

Patients and families visiting the medical facilities have complained about the behavior of these youngsters and calling it an illegal collection of fee. The majority of complains come from the roadside along Civil Hospital Karachi.

Dr Zafar Ejaz, health director in Karachi, has called all such parking fees ‘unfair,’ and further specified that the fee being collected from outside the hospital, and the dedicated parking areas should be abolished in the favor of poor public.