8 Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd (Lauki)


The Bottle gourd plant or normally known in Pakistan, (Lauki) develops in warm climate conditions. The serving size of 116 grams contains 16 calories and gives 13percent of Vitamin C and 7.36percent of zinc. The same amount of Bottle gourd gives 174 mg of Potassium, 13 mg of Magnesium, 15 mg of Phosphorus and 2 mg of Sodium. Bottle gourd has different amounts of minerals, vitamins, lipids and amino acids

It may not be your favorite vegetable in the field, but, the benefits it comes with, just may make you have some lauki variety today

1. Good to the Skin

The high amount of Vitamin C in lauki diminishes the wrinkles and dryness of skin. Vitamin C is a cancer prevention agent which can bring down the oxidative harm connected with anxiety, contamination and less than stellar eating routine. Free radicals speed up the procedure of aging while the satisfactory utilization of Vitamin C backs off the appearance.

2. Reduces Strokes

Some studies show that the high intake of Vitamin C decreases the odds of stroke by half. People who consume veggies and organic product have high levels of Vitamin C. One ought to incorporate leafy foods to the eating regimen so as to increase the amount of Vitamin C.

Reduces Strokes

3. Treats Cancer

The high intake of Vitamin C builds the tumor neutralize impacts of medications that are used as a part of chemotherapy. Vitamin C focuses on the cells that need the nutriments while the medications hurt the ordinary cells also. Scientists see that Vitamin C is a viable growth treatment for the lung and ovarian cancer.

4. Prevents Cold and Flu

Lauki helps boost the immune system and keeps from infections and colds. It also brings down the odds of further health problems, such as, lung contaminations and pneumonia. Vitamin C keeps the oxidative harm of white platelets and keeps up its legitimate capacity. The vitamin C in bottle gourd goes about as a cell reinforcement in the body.

5. Equalizes Hormonal

Zinc in bottle gourd plays a key part in the creation of hormones, for example, rise in testosterone. Zinc influences the female sex hormones and is crucial for the estrogen and progesterone production in women that help the regenerative health. The level of estrogen either too high or too low prompts the issues with the monthly cycle, early menopause and states of mind swings.

Equalizes Hormonal

6. Liver Health

Bottle gourd helps lessen the chance of diseases and harm of liver. It cleans the liver, lower irritation, lowers the harm of free radicals and flushes out the toxins from the body.

7. Repair Muscles

Zinc is imperative for the development and division of cells. It helps with repairing of muscles and keeps up stamina. It builds the testosterone in the body as it advances the change rate of androstenedione to testosterone.

8. Treats Diabetes

Eat lauki to treat diabetes. Zinc, present in bottle gourd, adjusts the insulin hormone that manages the glucose and cures the diabetes normally. It advantages the level of glucose as it stores insulin to the pancreas and discharges when the glucose enters to the circulation system. It appropriately uses the digestive proteins that are vital for the insulin to tie to the cells with the goal that glucose could be utilized as a part of the body as a fuel.