8 First Aid Hacks You Should Know


Here are 8 first aid hacks, knowing these is a must on the off chance that you or your children are inclined to getting hurt a lot!

1. Do-it-yourself Ice Packs


Young children are entitled to persevere heaps of knocks and wounds – and ice packs can be a genuine gift from heaven

  • You can make an ice pack by utilizing a perfect foam or sponge, getting it wet with water and placing it in the freezer.
  • The wipe will be hard and firm with no visible softness or flexibility when first removed from the cooler.
  • However, as it warms up it gets to be moist, but not drippy.

2. For Teething Babies

If your child is growing a new tooth it can be a hopeless time. There are a bunch of approaches to alleviate agonizing gums, yet maybe the most straightforward is to let the baby suck on a teaspoon that has been sitting in the cooler for 60 minutes.

3. Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and Scrapes

It is primary instinct to clean the injury using hydrogen peroxide or any another antibacterial product available off the shelf. Nonetheless, research suggests that minor injuries only require a straightforward wash with a saline arrangement (salt) or tepid water. Once the injury has been cleaned and all the filth and germs are expelled, you can apply honey. It is antibacterial and is hostile to viral properties which can increase the probability of contamination.

4. Relieve Mosquito Bites

Relieve Mosquito Bites

A tingling mosquito bite is sufficient to make anyone insane; child or adult. However, you can easily get rid of the sensation with the help of a banana peel.

  • Simply rub the peel on the bites and rashes to stop the tingling.

5. Bruises or Inflammation

A little hard to believe, but the hack for this issue lies within the use of a Pineapple. It is anti-bacterial and also contains a chemical called “bromelain” which reduces the aggravated condition.

  • Rub the fruit specifically on your skin to separate the blood that has thickened to shape a wound.
  • Bromelain will help fade away the wound rapidly and stop blood from clotting any further.

6. Stop Bleeding Instantly

This one is a must, because bleeding is one thing that needs to be tackled with the right approach. The most ideal approach is to put pressure on the specific wound. It will be helpful to have towels and gloves with you when doing this. Also it is necessary to hold on to that pressure for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes is typically enough time to stop the flow.

7. Minimize that Scar

Use sunscreen. On the off chance that you don’t utilize it, the sun will influence the new scar tissue so uniquely that it will stand out in contrast to the skin around it – increasing visibility by 100%. Keep that scar slathered with sunscreen till it is no longer there.

8. Recover from Sunburn

Recover from Sunburn

In the occasion you do get sunburn, pour water in an ice cube tray with Aloe Vera in it and leave it to freeze. This means you will always have a prepared first aid hack for the sunburn whenever you require it. Aloe Vera is stuffed with vitamins and minerals that ease the irritation and repair harmed skin cells. Moreover, it stops the awful burning sensation that comes with the sunburn!

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