6 Ways to Keep Cholesterol Check


When it comes to having the appropriate nutrition, the element of cholesterol is given special importance. In this article we will describe about the remedies through which you can keep a check on your cholesterol rate and be tension free of the related complications

What Is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is defined as a steroid alcohol which is present in animal tissues mostly – the brain, spinal cord and fat layer – functioning as a protective agent for the skin and at the level of layer that covers brain cells. The importance of cholesterol for men is that it acts as a detoxifier in the bloodstream and a precursor to other steroids. Present in the cell membrane, it plays a vital role in maintaining the permeability and fluidity. It also is an important constituent in the synthesis of Vitamin D, bile acids (which help in the process of digestion and absorption of fats in the small intestine) and steroidal hormones (important in the maintainance the normal body functions of the body). Increase in levels of cholesterol, leads to pathologies including gallstones (formation of stones in the gall bladder) and atherosclerosis (clotting or blocking of the blood vessels). 20-25 percent of this compound is synthesized in the liver


The two main types of cholesterol are classified as follows:

  1. High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)

High density lipoproteins are responsible for the transfer or movement of fat particles through the bloodstream back to the liver for further breakdown and to the LDL’s as well. Increased levels of HDL lead to decreasing levels of heart diseases. It is often referred to as good cholesterol as it assists in transportation of fats outside of the arterial setup, reduces the white blood cell activity, thus reducing chances of any heart disease.

  1. Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

Low density lipoproteins is referred to as bad cholesterol because they have the ability to transport the fat particles into the arterial setup, initiate activity of white blood cell and therefore, increasing the chances of occurrence of any sort of vascular diseases.

Tips to Control Cholesterol

As we have described what cholesterol is, let us now switch to the tips and tricks through which you can maintain or keep a check on your cholesterol levels.

Consume Less, But the Right Fats

First and foremost rule of keeping your cholesterol level intact is by maintaining your fat intake. Studies show that you should only specify 20 percent fat in your daily caloric intake. These fats should be good fats. By good fats, we are referring to plant and seafood sources. Such foods have high essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 which helps in lowering fat levels in blood, thus decreasing the chances of vascular diseases

Intake of Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

The incorporation of fiber, nuts and garlic in your diet (in a moderate amount) will help you to lower your cholesterol levels.

Muscle Build Up/Exercise

By exercising and building a good quality muscular physique, you can get rid of the excess body fat. Hence increasing your HDL and lowering LDL levels. As mentioned earlier, good HDL levels are important in maintaining a good and sound heart.

Green Drinks

Drinking green tea is a smart and healthier option. Green tea is composed of compounds that can help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels.

Say “NO” to smoking

Smoking is a definitely not a good habit and it has to go. Smoking reduces levels of HDL and can contribute to heart disease.


Apart from your lifestyle changes, it is important to take the required medications if there is increased risk of heart disease. Different medications are available. Some of them are statins, niacin, fibrates, zetia, bile acid sequestrants. Statins are the most effective drugs used for cholesterol control.

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