5 Ways to Have Healthy Hair


Imagine a world in which every day was a great hair day. Does it seem like something from your dreams? Well, we’re here to tell you it IS possible. No matter what your hair type is, your locks can still look sleek, shiny and flaunt-able in any situation. Find out what you can do to rejuvenate your hair. Read on!

Avoid heat

Avoiding heat doesn’t just apply to straighteners and blow driers, but also avoid showering with hot water. If the water that comes into contact with your hair is too warm, it will dry it and make it brittle.

Tip: Brush your locks in different directions to promote circulation of the scalp.

Blow driers can be more beneficial than air-drying!

If used correctly, blow driers do a better job at drying than air-drying. Put it on a cool setting and hold it some distance away from your locks for protection from any heat. Holding it too close to your hair will cause the water to boil; hence the stereotypes against blow-driers.

Tip: Avoid wringing your locks in a towel right after a shower. Wet hair is fragile, and wringing it will cause it to fall and break. Also, use heat protection sprays when you blow dry your hair, or in case you use flat irons, or curlers.

Massage your locks and scalp

Massaging your mane and scalp with oil or a protein cream stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates cells and nourishes dry hair, all promoting healthy growth. Using oil, slightly warm the oil of choice and put it in a bowl. Part your locks, and apply oil with your fingertips to your scalp. Make sure your fingers are moving in a circular motion. Continue this process until you’ve covered your entire scalp and the entire length of your Healthy Hair. Leave the oil for at least 30 minutes, or longer if you desire. Shampoo it out, making sure you apply shampoo BEFORE wetting your locks to sufficiently remove all the oil. Try not to wash more than once, since over washing can strip your locks of nutrients and healthy oils. Basically taking away all the hard work the oil and protein just did.

Try home-made remedies for healthier locks

Make your own conditioner at home for chemical free conditioning:

  • One great source of protein is mayonnaise. Apply it your hair until entirely coated and leave it on for an hour. After you wash it out you’ll love the silky feel and the shiny look.
  • Another splendid source of protein is yogurt. It’s good enough to substitute with your regular conditioner.

Tip: Mix one egg with shampoo and create a “shampoo omelet.” It might smell, but good news is that you don’t need to leave it on for more than five minutes. The mixture will help enhance the protein in your Healthy Hair.

Wash your locks correctly

  • Massage your scalp with shampoo (NOT conditioner) and continue to do so for about 40 seconds before washing it out. Massaging your scalp with conditioner stimulates blood circulation which also helps prevent dandruff.
  • When applying conditioner, make sure you’re doing it right. The right way to apply conditioner is to pour conditioner in your hand and rub it from the roots to the tips of your locks. If you want silkier softer Healthy Hair, leave the conditioner on for a minute or two before washing it out.
  • Try to wash your hair in a cool setting. As we already mentioned, exposure of warm water will dry it out. At least give your locks a cool final rinse to seal the cuticles.
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