5 Ways to Achieve a Disease Free Body


We all are aware of the sayings like “you are what you eat” and “for every action, there is a reaction”. Well, the body works the same way. So, what is the secret to ensuring some healthy years down the road? For our special HTV readers, we managed to come down with a list of tips for you to have a disease free body.

  1. Don’t rely on doctors for everything. I know this may sound bizarre but, it is the ugly truth. Their profession has nothing to do with keeping you disease free but all they are suppose to do is make sure that when the disease arrives, they can ward it off with prescriptions and other treatments, that is if they diagnose you properly. The problem here is that an average individual is most likely to be on some sort of medication. Studies indicate that 50% of people above the ages of 65 are on 5 or more pills. The higher the pill intake, the higher the chances of having harmful side-effects.Other than cholesterol lowering drugs, blood pressure pills and low dose aspirins are prescribed with a free hand, the higher the intake is the more likely they are to cause more damage. Say NO to drugs as much as possible.
  2. Practice a healthy living style with proper eating habits and exercise. In order to achieve a healthy body, you must let go being a lazy slob and lethargic. Just like earning money, working hard is the key to maintaining your physical and mental health. Exercising and eating healthy is the first step towards achieving a healthy body.
  3. Avoid junk foods which make us lazy and dull. Keep a track on your weight by having a health chart to help you maintain your optimum body weight. Avoiding junk food also saves you from having high blood pressure which prevents any heart problems. There is a higher chance of your body to suffer from diseases by being overweight and obese.
  4.  Consume a healthy diet, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, lean meat. The golden rule of 8 glasses a day is not to be forgotten. Make water your best friend. Add a good dose of minerals and vitamins to your Daily diet. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is one of the best fruits to ensure that you have a healthy heart. A huge factor to bad health and sickness is unhealthy eating habits.
  5.  Exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week: Dive in to physical activities to not only is physically fit but to enjoy the workout. Regular exercise in the morning can leave you feeling fresh for the rest of the day. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins that increase blood flow to the muscles. These results in large amounts of oxygen going to different parts of the body, making sure all parts have enough energy. A regular burst of endorphins in the body keeps the body vitalized and healthy this way. Learn to like to move.
  6.  Lastly, understand that having positive thoughts is the key to being healthy. A recent study revealed that your mental health directly affects your physical health as your brain triggers different chemicals and hormones in different moods. So uncluttered your mind with all negative thoughts, and learn to love yourself. This will put all depressing and meaningless thoughts at the bay and will help improve your mental energy to be always positive.
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