5 Healthy Choices All Women Should Make by Age 30


Indeed age is just a number and youth isn’t depicted by how many birthdays you have celebrated. Yet, sometimes it is wise to be aware of what healthy choices you should be making at your age. Especially if you’re a woman, you need to be extra careful. You’re responsible for the wellbeing of your family. If you won’t be healthy and fit then how will you take care of the critical day to day issues and be the super woman that you’re meant to be. Behind all that makeup and beauty is a body which runs on its own clock. You can’t fool it so act responsibly and learn to live at your fullest by making certain healthy choices that are meant for your age precisely.

Spend Time On A Workout

By the age of 30 you must have a workout that suits you most. It could be walking, swimming, cardio or maybe power yoga. Just make sure you find the time to do it. Slip in half an hour of your favorite workout in your hectic routine. Daily exercise is just as important as it is for you to do the laundry or doing dishes. Your body needs your attention now more than ever.

Drink Ample Of Water

We can’t emphasize enough on how important water is for your health. Your body needs to be hydrated but not by a cup of tea or hot coffee but by a glass of plain pure water. Drinking sufficient water helps you lose weight, keeps your blood pressure in control and stops you from being cranky on the tiniest of the issues. The benefits of drinking water are plenty and the negatives are literally zero.

Regular Check Ups

Visit your general practitioner or gynecologist regularly so that you are updated about the changes in your body. Get a flu shot if you haven’t by now and create a file with your medical history, visits and prescriptions intact. It comes quite handy in emergencies. Also, not many understand that it is very important to be comfortable with a doctor. Figure out who you are at ease with because that is most important when it comes to sharing extremely personal and sensitive details regarding your body. It’s crucial that your doctor knows everything because then only can he/she treat you properly. The only way one can avoid discrepancies in the information you give your doctor is finding a doctor that you are comfortable with.

Get Your Dose Of Vitamins

The trend is to buy yourself a bottle of multivitamins and while supplements aren’t harmful there are plenty of other natural ways to ingest vitamins. Consult a nutritionist and learn about the food that you eat daily. This way you can understand what food from the food pyramid should you make use of the most. A balanced diet leads to a healthy life; therefore make sure your diet is full of greens and fruits besides a handful of protein. This doesn’t mean you go on a strict diet and eliminate carbohydrates from your life. A balanced diet requires food items from all levels of a food pyramid.

Sleep For At Least 7-8 Hours

As we grow old and take up more responsibilities, we forget the importance of sleep. By the age of 30, sleeping becomes an afterthought or a luxury. Especially if you are a working mother or just a working woman. Life isn’t easy for us and although we enjoy the challenges, we also get exhausted. So learn to understand what your body wants and do not deny it rest when tired. It is ideal for a healthy life and a fresh mind to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours straight. This doesn’t include the power naps in between the day.

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