4 Reasons that may Cause Your Fingers to Swell


Fingers do swell up in the summers, but its rather harmless. You should definitely not freak out as they can swell for several reasons and many of them can be considered harmless. In fact until and unless your hand puffs up and there is some pain or discomfort in your hand then you should definitely get it checked by a doctor as it can be an indication of a severe underlying problem that can be very painful. So, here is a list of reason that may cause your fingers to swell.

1. Steamy Summer Days

In the heat when our body is exposed to the rays emitting from the sun, our blood vessels expand and release heat causing our body to cool down. As they stretch and stretch they keep a balance of the body temperature; however, there are some cases in which the blood vessels can also leak fluids this is also not a worrying sign. The fluid is harmless and can be the cause of puffiness in the hand, however, this can slowly reduce as you work with your hand. However, if the puffiness does not go away and you have pain in your hand and difficulty gripping and object then a doctor should be consulted.

2. Too Much Salt

French fries, fast food, and anything that has salt is harmful if consumed in larger doses. Our body is designed in a particular way to make sure it keeps a balance of all the nutrients and minerals so the body can function easily. This makes sure that the body can function easily and without any problems. A major balance in our body is that of salt and water. If we eat more salt than our body can withstand that means that the body has to store a lot of water to combat the salt. Which is a cause of swelling, avoid eating too much salty foods and it will be fine. However, if the swelling does not subside within a few days then a doctor should be consulted.

3. Osteoarthritis

Arthritis or osteoarthritis is one problem that many people face in their old ages. This problem occurs when the tissues at the end of our joints are often worn out, and the wear and tear of these tissues can result in a lot of stiffness and pain in the entire body, especially in the area affected by the osteoarthritis. This issue is a major cause of swollen fingers and feet; this can result in pain, unable to walk or having difficulty walking. If you suffer from osteoarthritis or are at an advanced age you should go and see a doctor to help determine what the cause is and get medication in order to reduce the effects of the arthritis.

4. Carpal Tunnel

If you are suffering from pain, a burning sensation in your hands and forearms, or even numbness in the hands and fingers then you might be suffering from Carpal tunnel. This syndrome can be causes by the nerves in the hands when it is pinched or squeezed. Carpal tunnel develops due to the nerves constantly under pressure. Usually found in women, this should not be taken lightly and if you suspect you have carpal tunnel or you do infact have it, kindly see a doctor and consult with him. If left unchecked it can cause other problems as well.

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