20 Amazing Uses & Benefits of Bay Leaf (Tez Paat)


Bay leaf, more commonly known as tezpatta or tez paat, is usually used for its rich flavor. Bay leaf is used in Asian cuisine in its dried form. People are usually unaware of its health benefits and it just lies somewhere in the corner of your kitchen all dried up. Here are a few things that everyone needs to know about this herb. Adding it to your food and in your daily diet has no harm and instead too many benefits that don’t deserve to be ignored.

1. Anti Viral Effects

Fresh bay leaves are a very good source of vitamin C. Tez paat, When taken orally in its powdered form or a paste, helps it boost immunity, heal wounds, and helps remove free radicals from our body due to its anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties.

2. Treats Cold

Bay leaf is very effective in fighting the symptoms of cold. Take a steam with Tez paat boiled in water for 15-20 minutes, twice daily till you feel better. You can also soak a cloth in this water and put it on your chest to get rid of flu and cough (make sure it’s not too hot to burn). Tez paat tea can also help lower fever. Also, it won’t make you sleepy!

3. Cardiovascular Benefits of Tez paat

Bay leaves contain minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc and magnesium. Potassium controls the action potential in our body, thus, keeps the conductive system balanced. Potassium also controls the blood pressure and heart rate. Iron helps the body produce red blood cells where as rest of the minerals act as anti oxidants.

4. Anti-cancer Properties

Bay leaf contains many volatile active compounds that act as an antioxidant and antiseptic. They are also known to have anti-cancer properties. Tez paat contains a phytonutrient called parthenolide, which restrains the cervical cancer that has become very common lately.

5. Reduces Stress

Bay leaves like basil and thyme contain linalool. This has been used in aromatherapy over the years due to its relaxing effect. Negative impact on our body that causes stress is overcome by linalool. The immune system is shielded giving a pleasant and a relaxing sensation.

Reduces Stress tez paat

6. Tez paat for Menstrual Problems

Menstrual problems are very common among girls in their late teens due to imbalanced hormones, perhaps caused by processed food that contain steroids. Bay leaf when taken orally induce regular menstruation. Bay leaf is also known to be beneficial in case of excessive discharge.

7. Kidney Problems

Bay leaf acts as antioxidant. It helps treat kidney infections and kidney stones. Boil Tez paat in water and then strain it. Drink this twice daily to reduce the size of the stones and stop their formation.

8. Insect Repellent

Tez paat or tez patta contains lauric acid. This acid repels the insects. Bay leaves when applied topically in the form of a paste over an insect bite can relive the burning sensation and pain.

9. Relieves Pain

Bay leaf also has anti-inflammatory properties. The oil extracted from them tez paat can be applied topically over the wounded area. It also relieves pain caused by arthritis, sprains, strains and rheumatism. Massaging the oil once or twice daily may reduce the swelling and inflammation.

10. Treats Diabetes with Bay Leaves

Tez paat just like neem reduces the glucose level in our blood stream. This is beneficial for people suffering with diabetes. It reduces bad cholesterol and fats. To see the change and to control your diabetes you can consume the powdered form of tez paat for 30 days.

Treats Diabetes with Bay Leaves

11. Bay Leaf for Constipation

Bay leaf increases the appetite and helps with digestion. It ensures proper bowel movements by breaking the food into smaller molecules with the help of the enzymes present in it. Boil 2 tez paat in water and strain it. Add honey for taste and drink it twice daily.

12. For Stammering

This can be embarrassing when in a special occasion or when you are among new people. Sucking on tez paat one after the other can cure this. It will certainly bring a change in your life.

13. Tez paat for Jaundice

Your liver is under a lot of stress if you are suffering from jaundice. Liver detoxifies your blood and the workload can stress it out. Bay leaf acts as antioxidant and can help the liver detox. Eat 2 fresh bay leaves twice daily if you want to get back to work.

14. For Acne

Bay leaves have strong antiseptic properties. This property is very beneficial in treating acne. It shrinks the pores and reduces excessive oil production. Boil few leaves of tez paat in water. Let it cool down. Soak a cotton ball in this water and dab the water onto the affected area thrice daily to get rid of those breakouts.

15. Tones the Skin

Bay leaves can give you smooth, glowing and perfect skin in short time. You don’t have to spend too much on those high coverage foundations anymore once you finally get rid of all the hyper pigmentation and breakouts. Boil a couple of leaves of tez paat in water and use this water as a toner twice daily!

Tones the Skin

16. Bay leaf helps Get Rid of Lice

Having lice in your hair gives a very bad impression and looks unhygienic. It also appears to be very ugly. Nobody expects you to be scratching your head like a crazy person in public. Use bay leaf water to wash your hair. The bitter taste, flavor and the anti bacterial properties suffocate the lice making it impossible for them to survive. Now you can finally show off your flawless hair.

17. Treats Dandruff

Add powdered bay leaves to coconut oil and apply it directly on to the scalp. It strengthens the hair follicles, reduces itchiness and at the same time moisturizes the scalp, which helps in getting rid of the dandruff.

18. Kills Bacteria and Fungal Infections

Due to sweating and irregular oiling of hair you might end up getting some or other fungal infection during the summer. It results in hair loss and itchiness. Bay leaves can help get rid of this problem with its antibacterial properties. Wash your hair with tez paat water daily for a good result.

19. Tez patta for Headache

Bay leaves are known for taking away stress and acting as a relaxant. Make a paste of tez paat and leave it on your forehead for a while. Wait for the magic to happen and then rinse it off.

20. Yellow Teeth

Your toothpaste is not working? It’s okay, you can always opt for bay leaves in that case. Just use the bay leaf powder once daily till you see the difference.