Indo-Pak series: BCCI’s non-seriousness and Shiv Sena’s tantrums


A couple of days back, Shiv Sena’s hooligans stormed the BCCI headquarters as a meeting was underway between Pakistan Cricket Board’s chairman, Shaharyar Khan, and BCCI President, Shashank Manohar.

With the meeting to be scheduled for talks to reignite the Indo-Pak series later this December, Shiv Sena’s childish approach saw his protestors storm the BCCI Headquarters with banners demanding the PCB chairman to return to Pakistan. Clearly, for Shiv Sena, Indo-Pak peace and prosperity is not a priority.

A total of 40 to 50 protestors with saffron flags and black cloths, holding banners that read “Pakistan haye haye” and “Shaharyar Khan Chale Jao” is not a sight you would want to see when trying to bridge the gap between two countries. Inevitably, the BCCI president was forced to cancel the meeting and shift the rendezvous to Delhi, where it would be safer.

On the whole incident, PCB Chief Shaharyar Khan expressed his disbelief by saying that,

“I am greatly disappointed and still in disbelief with the attitude and behavior shown by the Indian Cricket Board. I am no longer hopeful of any series taking place in between India and Pakistan.”

Due to this particular incident, the consequences proved to be very heart boiling for the Pakistani people and the representatives of the state.

Former cricketers Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar had to return to Pakistan early as no proper security was provided to the two of them. They were in India to perform the commentary for the India-South Africa series.

Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar was also withdrawn from officiating the India-South Africa match, courtesy of the protests carried out by Shiv Sena’s thugs.

In fact, even the Pakistan Blind Cricket Team had to be pulled out of the Blind Cricket World Cup, keeping the element of security concerns in mind. The tournament was to start from January 17, 2016 and was supposed to be hosted between India and Pakistan.

Concerning the scenario, the PBCC General Manager Cricket Operations Maher Muhammad Yousuf Haroon expressed his views. He said,

“Shiv Sena’s attack on the BCCI headquarters, the cancellation of the meeting between the two officials, threats to Aleem Dar and ICC’s decision over the matter compelled us to the take the predicament seriously.”

Pakistani celebrities Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan were also targeted by the far right party of Shiv Sena showing the hatred towards Pakistan yet again.

To the people who love cricket, this incident was really heartbreaking as they now see no chances of a Pakistan-India series. Labeled as one of the biggest (if not the biggest) rivalries in world cricket, Pakistan-India duels have always been tenacious, fiery and a great source of entertainment for the respective supporters and especially for the neutrals.

India’s sad and sadistic approach towards the whole scenario has led to events which not only have shown their true face to the world, but has also dented their credentials over the possibility of staging a great World Cup tournament in 2016.

Pakistan, on the other hand, only wants a good relationship with its neighbors and is doing its level best to make it happen. Number of times, Pakistan has always been the nation who has taken the first step towards forming and initiating the bond of friendship between the two states. May it be sporting events or political scenario, Pakistan is the one who always has had a friendly and mature approach towards the matters.

Had the BCCI president been on a visit to Pakistan, such an incident would not have happened. Why? Because Pakistanis know how to take care of their neighbors. Our nation only wants the hindrances to be minimized, but the counterpart has other ideas presumably.

This incident brings into question the status of Pak-India cricket relations.

Should Pakistan push on for any sort of relationship with India or should we just stop making any sort of contact?

You be the judge.