Importance of Walking in Our Lives


If leading a sedentary life was the key to health and happiness then the world population would be a lot higher than it already is. In this world of advanced science and technology, it is quite easy for us to forget that we haven’t moved from our position for a few hours now. For those who are reading this article, how long have you been using the internet for? It’s very convenient to laugh it off but this is actually a matter of concern. We are so involved in making our lives more and more convenient and comfy that in the process of answering ‘Is it convenient?’ we forget to answer the most vital question, ‘Is it healthy?’

Nowadays we have an alternative for everything. Using elevator instead of climbing up the stairs, a vehicle instead of walking the distance, a phone instead of meeting someone, a laptop or TV instead of playing outside and the list goes on and on. There is an app or appliance for any task that requires even a little bit of exercise. Then the use of maids and servants stop us from straining our legs for even a glass of water!

Walk for Heart Health

With the passing time, researches and studies, importance of walking in our lives has increased. Walking is not just an exercise, it is an activity. The sooner you develop the habit of actively taking part in this activity the better it will be in securing your future. Brisk walk daily for thirty minutes is said to keep your blood pressure in control. Since it’s a great type of cardio exercise, walking can lower bad cholesterol and greatly reduce the risk of a heart stroke. In fact, walking is also credited to lower the risk of catching a serious disease/illness.

Walk to Control Weight

Our weight is linked to our health. We need to keep our weight in check in order to live longer and healthier. Walking is the best way to keep your weight in control. All you have to do is get into a habit of brisk walking for thirty minutes daily. You can burn around 150 calories daily if you keep up to a speed of 3mph. Just control your calorie intake per day within the range of 1000 to 1200 and walk regularly. It won’t be long when you start noticing the difference in your clothes and on the scale!

Energize Yourself by Walking

We all need a good dose of energy to get through our hectic routine life. You can gain that energy boost through the best natural energizer around; a thirty minute brisk walk.  Wondering how that works? Try walking during your lunch break and see the difference. We all experience the drop in our energies, especially during noon. This is why the best time to get off your desk and go for a walk is right before you have lunch. It doesn’t necessarily have to be walk in a park; you can walk around the office or climb up a few floors. After ten or fifteen minutes of walking, you will notice a sudden shift in your mood and energy level.

There is so much more to walking then just health related benefits. Walking can lighten up your mood and is capable of making you happy as well. It releases feel-good endorphins which makes walking a natural anti-depressant. If you’re suffering from anxiety or are just not in a good mood these days then try going for a walk. A proper thirty minute brisk walk can give your mood a three sixty degree turn and help you regain that peaceful mental balance you’ve been looking for.  So what are you waiting for? Close this window and go get your share of benefits from a nice