Home remedies to lose water weight


The fastest way to look slim in the shortest time probable is possibly by losing your water weight. If you want to lose weight for an event, one as big as your wedding, and are fretting over how to look trimmer and slender, you should try getting rid of the excess water from your body.

An important thing to note here is that water makes up 60% of the body weight. This is applicable not only for women, but for men and children too! The drawback, however, is that water is retained quickly. The best way to maintain the pounds you have lost while trying to lose water weight is to immediately switch to a healthier lifestyle

Read below to know about some effective steps to lose water weight in what seems like no time at all:


It is easy to lose water weight with any exercise that gets your heart racing and your body to warm up. What can help you trim water weight during the night is by doing exercises such as cardio and treadmill. That’s why you should do cardiac exercises in the morning and particularly at night before sleeping.

While working out to decrease water weight, it is important to be careful about your standing and sitting posture. The key is to keep your spine erect since that will streamline water flow to all parts of your body. To cut down water weight while also toning your muscles, do squats and sit-ups whenever you get free time.


The average amount of sleep a person gets each day varies for everyone; some people only manage to get five to six hours of sleep, while others for about eight to nine. Apparently, the more you sleep, the better it is for your workout since the body is more energetic when well-rested. Tip here is to stay in bed and sleep for an extra 30 minutes to further and better rejuvenate your body in order to stay active all-day long.


Cutting down caffeine may not be the best of ideas to help lose water weight, since you need the energy to stay active. What you can do, however, is replace it with parsley tea. Along with providing you with the alertness you need, it also works as a catalyst to lose water weight. Have it three times every day – it’ll also keep you away from dehydration.


Herbs like ginger, parsley, garlic and fennel are crammed with anti-oxidants. By consuming these herbs, excess water is evaporated from the skin. They also do not cause dehydration.


There are plenty of water-loss supplements available in the market in the form of pills. Make sure you consult with your fitness trainer before going for this option. They greatly speed up loss of water weight.


Very similar in effect to water-loss supplements, anti-gas pills also pace up body water loss. They accelerate digestion by breaking the gas bubbles present in your digestive tract. As suggested by their name, they release gas from the body, giving a less-bloated appearance than before.


Apple cider vinegar works as a great option when losing water weight since it is a natural diuretic. While functioning as a diuretic, it also maintains normal potassium levels in the body. Loss of potassium during reduction of water weight may be harmful for the kidneys. This effect can be countered with just two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Try these tips at home and see the difference in your weight loss regimes.