Healthy activities you should employ during Eid holidays


The event Muslims wait for throughout the year is finally here. The dresses are made, the parties are planned, the invitations are out and Muslims are ready to celebrate Eid. Eid is all about enjoying with your loved ones and eating loads of delicious food. However, this routine can cause us to make some unhealthy decisions. The key is to be responsible and take in consideration everything that we do and keep in mind that health is the main priority, no matter what the event is. Healthy activities during

We can follow a few points to keep our bodies healthy on this special day.

Walk after every meal:

While it is important to walk generally, however, on Eid this becomes more of a necessity. During the festive days, our schedule becomes rather unhealthy. We tend to consume larger amount of sugar, oil and soft drinks. Walking after every meal would help our muscles flex and hence make digestion easier.

Consume lemon water:

In the morning on an empty stomach, it is important to consume lemon water. It would activate your digestive system and enzymes, the citric acid in the lemons would help to cut down fat. Lemon water contains electrolytes to help hydrate your body. They help in muscle function as well and avoid cramps that can be caused by dehydration and high calorie foods.

Apple cider vinegar:

It is common to have ice creams or cold drinks at dinner parties. It is even more common to end up suffering from a sore throat. However, you can avoid these things by having one table soon of apple cider vinegar with water. This will clear all the mucous and inflammation in your throat and help you get rid of stuffed sinuses. Apple cider vinegar also helps in lowering cholesterol and fat that can cause blood pressure and heart problems.

Green tea is key:

When our body digests food, chemical reactions take place. These reactions create free radicals. Free radicals cause early aging of cells; green tea help in reducing the amount of these free radicals.  On an occasion such as Eid, we eat a lot of food. This means more radicals are formed and the body needs green tea at least thrice a day.


Eid is a tradition known worldwide for its social gatherings. Meet up with those cousins who barely call, call the ones you usually forget to call back and enjoy this day to the fullest. A good social circle produce hormones in your body that make you happy and happiness is health. People who socialize live longer and are lesser prone to diseases.

Eid is a blessing that comes twice a year so it’s okay if you have more than one cheat day in a row. However, keep in mind that your health is your own and you are going to have to live with it. So keep these tips in mind and enjoy those lavish qourmas, biryaanis followed by a fresh cup of green tea to replenish your body and revitalize your inner self.

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