Best exercises for women at home


These days, having an array of information and options might not be the best idea, when it comes to designing your own home-exercise routine. Most frequently asked questions are: how many times a week should I exercise or what should be the duration of each workout?  

When you go online with this query, there is a wealth of information present but it can sometimes become too complicated and you might feel flustered with the varying ideas. On top of this, you have your best friend who seems to advise you to try something different. And then the newspaper carries an article that states you will lose weight with applying a simple lemonade and honey concoction. All these options can make you feel very overwhelmed.

Thankfully, there is a simpler, doable way about this. I have five basic principles that I advise all women to remember and stick to. They are:

1) Exercise five days a week, for 30 minutes.

2) Schedule one specific time in the day for your exercise. No matter what happens, close your bedroom door and exercise.

3) Stick to aerobic exercise for 15 minutes a day. Make sure that it is not too difficult to master, like jogging in one spot, or adding jumping jacks (30 or 50 times).

4) Floor exercises for 15 minutes that aim to focus on your target areas, i.e. side leg raises, dirty dogs and the likes.

5) Take two minutes in the end to relax by simply lying down on the floor without any pillow.

Build your stamina in five to six weeks. In the first week, aim to jog for around one to four minutes; in the second week, add two minutes to it – this will be fruitful for the overall regime.

Same applies to floor exercises. In the beginning, you will feel hungrier and that’s okay. Slowly, exercise will suppress your appetite and your routine will get set. This routine will bring visible changes in your appearance in three to six months.

Exercise with some moderate restraint on nans, biryani and desserts will help you reduce some weight. Remember, there is no short cut and radical changes for short period of time will only exhaust you mentally. That’s when most people drop their exercise program.

Before you begin, take a picture of yourself and start marking the silhouette on the outer side. It’s not a pretty picture that you will see, but that’s the reality. This will help you become more motivated.

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