Here Is What You Can Do To Get Back To Your Fitness Routine


More often than not we get too busy with life that we forget to take time out for ourselves. This ‘me time’ just doesn’t include the hours we spend Netflixing but also the time we did once designate to go to the gym.

We might have been working out for months but a little break or too much work and the routine breaks. It then gets really hard to get back the routine because ‘tomorrow’ never really comes.

So, in case you are also struggling to get your routine back just like us then here are a few tips that may help you get back to staying fit.

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Take baby steps

Thinking about working out and getting back to right where you stopped can be overwhelming. This is because a break even for a week or two pushes you back a little. If you were able to do 50 jumping jacks weeks ago, chances are you will only be able to do 20 now.

And that’s OK. Give yourself and your body time to get back to routine. So, start small. Do one set of exercises a day for about five minutes and then keep increasing the time and sets as you go.

Focus on the journey than the results

Owing to the way we have been conditioned to adhere to certain beauty standards, we are often fixated on loosing or gaining weight. This fixation over what we see on the weighing scale takes away from how good we feel when we work out.

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Hence, to be able to truly enjoy and get back to working out, we need to focus on how we feel and asses our fitness levels. It’s important to be kind to ourselves because if we are not, who would be?

Don’t overdo it

Not only is it important to take baby steps, as mentioned above, it is also equally important to not get into a six-day workout week.

Take rest days in between work outs, so that your body doesn’t feel pushed over its limits. Mainly because when you do take a day off, your body actually doesn’t. It’s, in fact, working hard to repair and replenish itself after what you put it through.

Rest days only ensure that you can carry working out in the long-term as well.

Remember it will be hard but it isn’t impossible to get back to your fitness routine. You have got this!

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