Ageing: These makeup hacks will make you look younger in no time!


With the ever-so-increasing advancements in cosmetic surgery, the trend of looking and staying younger has intensified to a degree that one could not even have imagined a couple of decades ago.

Today, a majority of aging women in almost every part of the world opt for surgeries to enhance their facial as well as physical features. At the same time, one cannot deny the percentage of females who don’t have sufficient funds to be able to afford these high-end surgical enhancements. So what should these women do – brood in despair? No. There is a solution for them too

Listed below are some useful makeup hacks that can bring about a younger and youthful look to your face.


As it is, aging skin is more prone to damage; therefore, it should be made mandatory to follow proper skin-care tips religiously. First of all, skin and body should be kept hydrated at all times, which would prevent the formation of wrinkles. Wrinkles are a consequence of skin losing its moisture content and elasticity. So make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Alongside this, your makeup regime should begin with using a moisturizer.

As recommended by various makeup artists all around the world, any moisturizer with estrogen content is to stimulate collagen production which would smoothen out the lines. Moreover, getting your hands on a moisturizer with antioxidant is a clear holy grail! They help the body in producing collagen as well as elastin. Beginning the makeup with this would give you a plumped, smooth and radiant-looking skin.


The second step towards a smoother skin is to apply a primer. It gives that really velvety look to the makeup, which makes the skin look amazing. Skin is porous; as much as this helps in homeostasis, this can also be quite troublesome in older age when the pores just open up. Applying a layer of primer would be beneficial to make it look less porous. Furthermore, since most of the primers are non-comedogenic, they will not clog your pores or make the skin break out. Ingredients wise, primers generally don’t contain any anti-aging properties as such, like a moisturizer or a foundation. However, they do smooth out lines and therefore bring about a silkier look to your face.


Next up is the foundation application. It should be noted that foundation should be applied before the concealer as the foundation might move the concealer from where it should be and the end result would be you trying to cover it up with more foundation. Choosing the best foundation for your skin depends entirely on your skin type and tone.

For oily skin, matte foundations should be opted for whereas for drier skin, creamier formulations are best suited. Different foundations should be used in summers and winters as skin begins to lose most of its moisture content in winters, while in summers the sebaceous glands become more than just active.

As for the skin tone, normally a foundation with a yellow undertone should be used to make the skin look warm. Of course, this is not to refer to the Tweety yellow but some tone which just looks yellowish. This is to be done as the warmer the skin tone looks, the more radiant and younger it would appear to be. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that the foundation being purchased should be non-comedogenic as well.


As one ages, the dependence upon concealing also increases. So, after applying the foundation, a concealer should be used to cover up for any blemish or any unsightly aging spot or any fine lines and wrinkles.

Ostensibly, the concealers in the markets are sold separately for a more mature skin therefore choosing the correct product is absolutely essential. The criteria for any concealer fit for your skin is that it should not be more than two shades lighter than your skin tone. If it gets too light, then those areas would brighten up obnoxiously and would bring unwanted attention to the areas you were hoping to conceal. Furthermore, the “type” of concealer one buys is also very crucial. They are available in various types of forms; paste, liquids and powder. The easiest ones to apply are liquid concealers. Fingers can be used to apply them on the affected areas and then they could be blended into the skin using a sponge or a flat concealer-brush. However, for the under eyes, any age reversing eye cream should be applied before concealing the eye bags. It should never be forgotten that buying a non-comedegenic product is mandatory for all ages and at all times.


Makeup brushes also play a very vital role in giving an air-brushed effect to the overall look. Hence, they should not be compromised on and separate brushes should be used for separate purposes. They are easily available in the market and can be purchased by referring to their purpose; for instance a foundation brush can be bought by asking for a foundation brush or a concealing brush could be asked by taking its name the same way.

That being said, in a nutshell, moisturizing followed by priming which would further be followed by foundation and then lastly concealing is a great method to achieve a velvety skin. For a more youthful glow, highlighters should be popped on the highest areas of the cheek bones followed by blusher application.

These makeup hacks would make you feel 10 years younger and a lot more vibrant. Give them a try and beat the ageing process!