9 foods you need to increase your muscle mass


When it comes increasing ones muscle mass, a typical approach that people take is lift heavy weights and workout in the gym. By lifting heavy, you can increase your muscle mass, yes, but it is only effective if you have the corresponding diet to assist your mass gain. The value of nutrition, when it comes to muscle gain or even for normal body functioning, is unparalleled.

So here is a list of nine foods that should be a part of your daily diet, if you aim to increase your muscle mass.

1) Eggs

Eggs are very important as far as muscle increment is concerned. A high source of protein, eggs contain about seven to eight grams of protein along with other essential nutrients and minerals necessary for muscle growth.

2) Nuts

Nuts are considered very important for people who find it hard to gain muscle mass. A handful of nuts (cashews, almonds) contain around 150 calories, serving as the perfect snack. Nuts are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and fiber. Almonds help to repair worn muscles as well.

3) Milk

It is a supreme blend of calcium, protein and other essential minerals. Milk acquires a top position in the list of foods for gaining muscle. It not only helps in muscle anabolism but also assists in bone construction.

4) Beef

Beef is high in iron, creatine and zinc. All of these are essential for muscle gaining. Iron is responsible for proper functions of the cardiovascular system. Zinc helps to increase testosterone, whilst creatine assists in energy production.

5) Chicken

Chicken contains essential amino acids and proteins along with other minerals that play a vital role in muscle growth. Chicken breast contains the most protein, and least fat content. You can eat an entire chicken, but it is preferable to eat the breast part for better mass gaining results.

6) Fish

Fish has countless benefits. It is in low in fat, high in Omega-3 fatty acids and quality protein. It is said to be one of the most effective elements when it comes to increasing muscle mass.

7) Oatmeal

Oatmeal consists of amazing ingredients. The outstanding combination of fiber, essential amino acids, proteins and other minerals makes oatmeal a must-have when it comes muscle training. High in calories, you can use it to start your day or even include it in post workout protein shakes.

8) Fruits

This is a no-brainer. The ingredients or minerals, vitamins and the likes in fruits help to prevent imbalances in the body. When it comes to nutrition for mass gaining, they are second to none. Apples and bananas contribute to a higher extent than other fruits.

9) Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese should be in your diet if you want some muscle. It sounds ironic, doesn’t it, cheese and gaining muscle? Yes, it’s true. Cottage cheese is high in casein. Casein is a protein which is most abundant in milk. It also increases solubility of water and is digested slowly in turn releasing amino acids slowly in circulation. Apart from this, this type of cheese comprises of good bacteria which helps in digestion as well.

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