6 Tips to Break through the Fitness Plateau


There comes a time in your training regime when you aren’t getting the desired results. You know that you’re performing at your best but still you can’t see any significant improvement. This stage is referred to as the plateau stage. One way or another, every individual – whether you are a bodybuilder, fitness fanatic or one who began a fitness program a month ago – experiences this stage. In this article we will give you an insight on how to crush that plateau and achieve results in a quicker fashion.

Signs of a Plateau

In order to treat or overcome something, you need to find out the source of infringement. Same is the case when it comes to overcoming a plateau. The signs of plateau achievement are:

  1. Inability of the person to achieve the fitness goals which he/she has set for himself
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Fatigue

All of the above mentioned signs are more or less simultaneously linked to each other. By that we mean they all of a have synergistic effect on each other. In other words, when one doesn’t achieve his/her goals, they might lose motivation.

Now that we have some knowledge of the plateau phase, let’s now focus on the remedies, tips and tricks of overcoming this hindrance.

Tips To Overcome the Fitness Plateau

  1. Organize your meals

This tip is very important when it comes to overcoming the plateau. As you increase your physical activity, it is inevitable that your metabolism and urge of hunger will increase. Three meals a day simply won’t be enough to overcome the urge. Breaking a plateau meal plan of at least 6-7 meals (with proper nutritional examination of foods) is needed. These meals will comprise of quickly made ingredients depending on the fitness program you’re in. An interval of 2-3 hours between meals is optimum.

  1. Rest

Resting can prove wonders when it comes to crushing the plateau. It is necessary to take a week off from the gym to rest your body. The advantage of this is you’ll come back fresh and rejuvenated and you will most likely perform better. By resting, we don’t mean just laying back on the couch and eating junk food. That’s not the case. Incorporation of a walk, a slight jog or some yoga stretches is important as well. Adequate sleep is important. The most amount of muscle growth takes place while you are sleeping.

  1. Modify Routine

The human body has this amazing ability of adaptation. This ability is quite visible when it comes to fitness training. In order to avoid plateau, routine modification is a quick and easy fix. By routine modification we don’t mean change your whole program. It refers to the fact that we can replace one respective exercise with another and change the order of exercises as well. It is said that a change of routine every 4-5 weeks plays an important role in preventing plateau.

  1. Keep in Mind the F.I.T

By F.I.T we mean

  • Frequency(F): It is important to keep a check on your feasibility in increasing or decreasing your workouts
  • Intensity (I): Yet another important factor. It determines whether your routine is rigorous or towards a lighter side.
  • Time (T): A change in the time of your workout might also help in breaking the plateau.
  1. Push and Challenge Yourself

Setting challenges and goals also helps to overcome plateau. The reason is that when an individual sets a challenge for himself, that person has the belief that he can achieve it. He has a clear picture and has done his homework. By pushing yourself, you put stress on your muscles. Moderate amount of stress is necessary for muscular growth, hence less chances of plateau occurrence.

  1. Don’t Hurt Yourself

After having an intense workout, it is adamant that the muscle group which you trained should be given adequate rest. There is no point in training the same muscle again for at least 3-4 days or maybe more. The fibers of the muscles require rest for proper growth. Find More : Fitness Tips