10 Common Phrases that Every Pakistani Mom Says to Their Kids


If you are born in a Pakistani household, till you’re in that house and even forever more you will hear golden phrases from your parents. By golden phrases I mean, these phrases will be infiltrated in your mind like you know your ABC. They are said over and over again at almost every stage of your life. Some of these are so popular that if you haven’t heard your parents say these once, people will think of you as awkward.

The mothers however the PAKISTANI MOTHERS, at one point they make you feel they all have been manufactured by the same company with the same system. They will say certain things that I mean all and all mothers will have said it once to you. So, to share the experience of these golden phrases once again I will remind you of these ‘motherly’ words.

  1. “Jab main tumhari umar ki thi”- When I was of your age.

This is said by both parents mostly but the moms use it non-stop almost every day. It’s like she was superwoman when she was our age. (Not that she isn’t one now but come on our age.) So she expects you to do exactly what she did, be if it means going to school with oil in your hair.

  1. “Ye jo tumhe hua hai na, wo is mobile ki waja se hua hai”- This that has happened to you is because of that mobile of yours.

If you take a fall, your mobile’s fault. You become sick and God forbid it’s a headache it is like for sure because of your phone. If she comes to ask you to come for dinner and an hour later you say you’re still hungry, its cause your cellphone that you didn’t have enough to eat! Everything bad happens because of it to our mothers, simple.

  1. “Paise pair pe nahi ugtay/tumhare aba ki factory ya mill nai hai”- Money doesn’t go on trees/ your father doesn’t run a mill or a factory.

She will never forget the amount of money she has given you. So when you go asking her for more money, then this is what will be awaiting you. Because money is earned through sweat and blood (Khoon paseenay ki kamayee) and that cannot be wasted.

  1. “Ye kaun sa naya dost hai- roz naye dost ajatay hain”- Who is this new friend, every day you make a new friend.

Just in case if you take your friend’s name who your mom has probably met like ten times, the response will be as if he/she never existed before.

  1. “Har waqt shaitaani movies dekhte ho, kabhi Allah ko bi yaad kar liya karo”- Every time you’re watching these evil movies, try and remember Allah sometimes.

When she watches a film with you then it’s okay, especially if it happens to be like “Bin Roye” or “Ho Man Jahan”, Mahira Baji isn’t a devil. But, if you go watching something on your own, you have taken a foot forward to hell that’s it.

  1. “Ek din ghar main beth jaoge qayamat ajayegi?”- If you sit at home one day, will hell come over?

She just doesn’t want you going out, but how can she possibly say that without some drama.

  1. “Jaa to rahay ho per yaad rakhna, ghar ki izzat tumhare hath me hai”

And you’re just going to your friend’s to stay a night and this is what she says…I wonder what she will say if I was a soldier headed for war?

  1. “Koi zarurat nahi hai, halaat dekho bahar ke”

It’s probably happening at the other corner of the world but for your mom, it’s happening here. Also, everything just will happen to be closed.

  1. “Moon acha nahi to baat to achi karliya karo” – If your face isn’t nice at least say something nice.

For her you will always be beautiful, until this moment.

  1. “Jab main mar jaongi na, phir yaad karoge” – When I will die then you will remember me.

The All-time emotional blackmail formula of like FOREVER!

In the end, moms are a unique blessing from God for us and if it wasn’t for them then we wouldn’t know what live entertainment and so much more would mean.