Haunted Places in Pakistan that You Shouldn’t Visit Alone!


Haunted places are some of the most favorite visiting spots for some, while others prefer staying far away. When it comes to spooky places, Pakistan has its fair share. You will be surprised to know that at least one haunting is seen every single area or district. Seeking an adventure that involves running from the headless man or the red sharara clad bride? These are some of the scariest places in Pakistan that you probably should never even think of visiting alone.

1.    Mohatta Palace in Karachi

Mohatta Palace in Karachi Haunted Places in Pakistan that You Shouldn’t Visit Alone

Built in the early 1900’s, this is the place that Quaid-e-Azam used as his residence when India Pakistan got separated. It is now as a museum and decorated by beautiful interiors. The grandeur seems to attract both humans and ghosts. Many workers have claimed seeing apparitions as well as blinking lights, even when there was no one inside. Guards have ‘felt’ someone other themselves around, when they were the only ones on premises. Caretakers also mention how things seem to move about on their own. You may want to check it out yourself to see if all the rumors have any basis to them!

2.    Jheel Saif-ul-Mulook of Kaghan Valley

Jheel Saif-ul-Mulook of Kaghan Valley Haunted Places in Pakistan that You Shouldn’t Visit Alone

This breathtaking lake is considered to be the resting place of the fairies. Its beauty is such that even supernatural creatures are unable to resist coming here on full moon nights. As per the legend, the king of Persia was the first one to have met a fairy princess that led to the start of a great love story. The princess was committed to a demon who killed the prince along with princess when he discovered that his bride was in love with a mere human. Now, it is said by locals, the princess and the prince visit the lake to revive their love, along with other ghostly creatures.

3.    Shamshan Ghaat in Hyderabad

Shamshan Ghaat in Hyderabad Haunted Places in Pakistan that You Shouldn’t Visit Alone

All graveyards have some creepy story attached to them and shamshaan ghaats (place where Hindus burn their dead) somehow are believed to be the breeding grounds for lost souls and tortured beings. The shamshan ghat of Hyderabad is some 250 years old and said to be the hub of scary paranormal activity. Residents nearby claim to hear children playing there after sunset. The guards swear that they come out of nowhere and disappear in thin air!

4.    Shaikhupura Fort in Lahore

Shaikhupura Fort in Lahore

One of the oldest relics of Lahore, the Shaikhupura fort is in a really broken state. Reason? Workers refuse to do any work because of the queen who refuses to leave. She is believed to be the queen of the fort and from accounts of those who live nearby, prefers staying in her home forever.

5.    Koh-e-Chiltan Peak in Balochistan

Koh-e-Chiltan Peak in Balochistan

Believed to be haunted by about 40 dead children, this peak is avoided like the devil himself! Rumor has it that a couple left all their children on the peak to live on their own and now the children (bache) are demanding for a new set of parents!

Yikes, scared enough? If you are the daring kind, do check out all these spots and tell us about any more you may have seen or heard of in the comments below.