Make-Up Tips To Amp Up Your Sex Appeal


For all those ladies that are a huge fan, like I am, of make-up would know, it’s magical! Make-up enhances your features in a magical transforming way. I specifically say, enhances your features because even without make-up, you’re as beautiful as with it. However, make-up does have the advantage when it comes to giving your sex appeal an amp.

Make-up is a booster to what your outer appearance is and the way you carry yourself. Some people are such great lovers of make-up that their personality or signature look is what represents them.

So, how do you take up a notch to oomph your looks through make-up?

1. Fly high with a wing!

A standout among the best cosmetics tips is to work the winged eye liner. Indeed, even the smallest wing can include a huge amount of dramatization. Line the eyes first with a pencil liner to make a kind of rule. At that point, take a fluid or gel liner and apply to your lash line in one smooth movement, flicking up at the external corners of your eyes.

2. Let your eyes do the talking

There’s truly nothing like smoky eyes to raise the levels of sultriness. Nonetheless, it can be hard to accomplish, contingent upon your practicing skills. The key is to layer your eye shadow on step by step to make profundity and dramatization. Your eyes should speak for themselves after this look for sure. This especially goes for those who have brown eyes to make them pop like never before.

3. Nothing but red

You can’t overlook a great red lip. It’s breathtaking and hot and will add some show to your look. To make your red lipstick last, line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil first and after that apply your lipstick over the top. If you’re not comfortable with red, go for a coral or shocking pink, whatever works for your skin tone.

4. Brows game strong

Your brows are what sketches your entire face. Outlining and grooming your brows will balance and frame all sensational as well minimalism approach to make-up. Brush your brows to make an intense curve and after that fill them in with a similar shaded pencil or powder. If you’re not a fan of doing too much make-up, then this certainly is the oomph trick for you.

5. Bat those lashes

No look is complete without a coat of mascara. Go for a mascara that will protract and fill up your lashes. Abstain from applying multiple layers of mascara, as this can prompt lashes sticking together and clustering. If you really want to plump your lashes, have a go at applying individual lashes towards the external corners of your eyes.

6. Nude lips

A nude or bare lip can be pretty much as provocative as an exemplary red lip. Make sure your lips are soft and conditioned before applying a lipstick that matches your original lip shade. At that point, add a layer of clean shine to complete that sexy pout.

7.Sun-kissed all the way

Make a sexy, sun kissed look by playing with some bronzer here and there. On your face, apply it to your cheekbones and zones where the sun normally hits first. Give close attention to your décolletage and make sure to apply bronzer to these zones too. Apply bronzer with a major powder brush to make a more unobtrusive, natural finish.

The main trick is to have your heart firm that you are beautiful the way you are, a little makeup is just to amp it up.

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