Don’t Let Summer Steal Away Your Natural Glow!


Although the idea of sitting under the summer sun by the beach sounds amazing, but the idea of skin cancer and cataracts is enough to have everyone running for a cover. Should we let the sun steal our fun? Or is there anything we can do for it? Just don’t let summer steal away your natural glow!

The skin is a highly intelligent and the largest organ of our body. It plays many important functions such as protection from the harmful environment outside the body, providing protection to the organs and acting a barrier against bacteria, viruses etc. All it asks in return is a little care and consideration.

Given below are some tips to restore your natural glow from the summer sun.

1. The use of a sunblock should be made mandatory. Not only in the summer but all year round. Using a good sunblock with a high SPF and broad spectrum protection will help your skin from developing wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation, the risk of which is increased by ten folds in the summer. A good sunblock can give maximum protection for 5 hours at a stretch max, after which it should be reapplied.

2. Protecting your lips against the sun is just as important. Invest in some sun protective SPF lip balms that are very easily available at department store. I mean, who doesn’t want to protect their pout this summer to rock all the vibrant summer lip colors, am I right?

3. Refreshing mists are becoming increasingly popular especially in the summer. Available in spray bottles, they can be spritzed onto the face and neck whenever you feel sweaty or feel like your makeup is becoming patchy. This product restores the natural moisture of the skin and makes you feel refreshed.

4. One of the things my mother always badgered me about was to moisturize my skin thoroughly in the summer. This is because the sun’s heat can dehydrate the skin and suck the moisture out, leaving your skin feeling dry and leathery.

5. Switch from hot showers to cold showers. Cold water help tighten the pores that may collect dirt and sweat in the heat leading to summer breakouts.

6. This will be a good time to invest in new makeup. Like everything we own, makeup should also match the seasonal requirements. Invest in hypoallergenic, light weight foundations. BB and CC creams are highly recommended in the summer. Invest in a good face powder to help absorb the oil from you face and keep your makeup on longer. Pore filler and a setting spray will also take you a long way.

7. Exfoliation is a must. With dirt, grime and sweat forming a layer over your face, the risk of breaking out and developing acne is high. Exfoliation every week will unclog your pores and cleanse you skin, giving it a chance to breathe.