Common Lingerie Mistakes That Are Bad for Your Health


We love and enjoy being comfortable and sassy at the same time, especially when it comes to our innerwear. Our lingerie should give us utmost comfortable because it is the closest thing to our body.

We all get confused at a time with so many designs, colors, patterns that are available in the market and tend to make common mistakes while buying lingerie.

Here are just some of the mistakes that you need to avoid.

Wearing the wrong size

A question that you need to ask yourself is, what is my size? Many of us are not aware that our bra size changes every four to six months. Wearing the wrong size can lead to discomfort throughout the day and eventually can cause health problems. You need to make sure to measure yourself and refer to a size chart, that is available on all online and offline portals, before buying any lingerie.

Not washing your lingerie

Lingerie hygiene is extremely essential. You need to make sure to wash it properly and preserve it so that it can last longer. You should avoid putting the lingerie through washing machines as it can twist wires or damage pads. Your lingerie can also lose its shape if stuffed into a lingerie drawer or if buried under a pile of clothes. Make sure to always keep them neatly in a drawer with a lot of space or hang a couple of your bras on a hanger.

Wearing colored lingerie’s or the wrong material

Colored lingerie has multiple synthetic dyes that can cause an issue if you have sensitive skin. Whereas, materials like polyester, satin, silk, and spandex can lead to major discomfort. So next time when you go out shopping make sure to buy lingerie’s that are naturally dyed and 100% cotton.

Sleeping with lingerie

The best time our body needs a little breather is at night time when our bodies undergo a repairing process from all the wear and tear of the day. Sleeping with a bra can hinder blood circulation and can also increase the risk of breast cancer. As for panties, it traps moisture which can cause bacterial infection. So, go commando and allow your lady parts to breathe while you sleep at night.

Buying lingerie can often be tricky because you not only want to look good but also you want to feel comfy. So, the next time, you decide to splurge on a sexy set, keep these tips in mind.

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