Beauty Secrets Pakistani Women Swear By


It’s no secret that Pakistani women are known for their desi totkas, from having naturally radiant skin to thick dark black hair. All of these totkas are tried and tested by ancestors. So, elevate your beauty regime by using these five beauty secrets with ingredients you can find easily in your kitchen.

Rose Water for Cleansing

Rosewater is great to balance the pH level of the skin. Use it as a cleanser and toner to restore the pH level of the skin.

Coconut Oil as Moisturizer

Coconut is a great moisturizer for your body. This all-over body mask will leave your skin soft and supple. Use coconut oil with besan which is an excellent exfoliator or with malai to moisturize skin. You can also mix coconut oil with brown sugar or coffee and use it as a scrub in the shower.

Turmeric for Brightening

Turmeric can be used as a gentle skin exfoliator without any irritation. Apply a mixture of turmeric, besan, sandalwood, rose water, and besan all over your body. When it is completely dry, scrub it off with warm water.

Mustard Oil for Hair Growth

Mustard is high in fats including omega-3 fatty acids. Apply it on the dry scalp to reduce inflammation, dandruff, and hair shedding.

Neem water for Hair Fall and Dandruff

Neem has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, that curbs dandruff. Boil a cup of neem leaves in a liter of water for 10 minutes. Let the water cool and rinse your hair after the shower.

All of these totkas guarantee flawless hair and skin on a minimal budget.

You’re welcome!

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