7 Rule To Follow Everyday For A Beautiful And Clear Skin


Everything that we do seems to have direct relation with our skin. Were you up late studying? Dark circles. Is the weather changing? Dry patches. Tried new foundation? Zit! With Vogue raising the bar every month, we often wonder why do not we have that flawless clear skin. True, they airbrush and Photoshop everything to achieve this result. We as readers are ready to try anything under the sun to achieve it, not only in pictures through Photoshop and insta filters but for real too. Then why not try these simple inexpensive, effective tips and get closer to your skin goals with every passing day?


You do not need to have time for an intensive skin care routine. You can start by acing the basics. Almost all beauticians recommend daily cleanser-moisturizer-toner technique. However, before you do that you need to know your skin type; dry, oil or combination. This helps you pick the right products for your skin that can give you the best results.

Rule no. 1

This one is more for females than males. Never forget to relieve your skin of all the layers of makeup that you applied before sleeping. From your primer to concealer, then foundation and powder, even the products from high end brands can clog your pores- which is the number one cause behind pimples and black heads-so make sure you have cleaned every last trace of it before you hit the sheets. Easy way of doing this is using make up removing wipes, easily available at any super market. If you do not own one of these or are not aware of it, you can use olive oil instead. Simply put some oil on a cotton pad, gently massage and wipe off your entire make up. Olive oil is eyes and skin friendly.

Rule no. 2

Sun bathing looks great in the movies, but for us south Asians, we should stay out of the sun. Constant sun exposure steals away moisture from your skin, causing wrinkles, age spots and possibly cancer from UV rays. Apply sun screen of at least 15 SPF which block both UV A and UV B rays. Whether its summer or winter, in most areas of Pakistan, sun shines all year round therefore, avoid skipping sun screen. Make sure you use a good quality sun screen that is labeled non comedgenic so it does not clog pores and is suitable for daily wear.

Rule no. 3

Keep track of what you eat. Avoid oily and extra spicy food. Make sure to keep a portion of vegetables on your dinner plate. Have a diet rich with vitamin C and low in fats and complex sugars. Many fruits are rich in vitamin C and promote radiant skin.

Rule no. 4

Rather than spending beautiful evening hours indoors, go for a jog. 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week is recommended by NHS UK. Simple cardio exercises like cycling and jogging increase your blood circulation and metabolism. It helps cleanse your inner system and give your skin a healthy glow. Do not forget to shower and cleanse after you work out.

Rule no. 5

Try to sleep 6-8 hours every night. If your work requires you to stay up late, catch up on sleep during the day but remember the best time to sleep is at night as your brain works that way and releases hormones at night that tell you to sleep. When you stay up late, this cycle gets disturbed and your skin gets tired like you. Bags, dark circles, puffy eyes and dullness can become your constant companions.

Rule no. 6

Having 8 glasses of water a day is essential for your body and even more for high temperature regions like southern Pakistan. It helps with chemical processes taking place in your body and washes away any toxins and waste that is produced by them. Dehydrated skin is often represented by facial and back acne.  Water has a cooling effect on your skin. You can make detox water with cucumbers, lemons etc.

Rule no.7

Throw stress out of your life. Taking too much stress about work, academics or your relationships disrupts your hormones, makes you break out, appear dull and sad. Practice stress management techniques to calm yourself. It can include yoga, meditation or a little bit of ‘me time’. Make a face mask that you think suits you best. It can be simply pulp of fresh fruits like cherries, aloe vera, or cucumbers or it can be a mask made from your kitchen ingredients like turmeric, gram flour and some sandalwood. Apply your face pack, play some soothing instrumental music and lie down for fifteen minutes. Wash off and resume with your daily chores feeling refreshed. Last, but not the least do not forget to wear your smile.

Nothing that you do is an overnight miracle. You have to be regular and consistent about your skin care routine and observe changes that occur over a period of time. If you think you might have a pathologic problem, pay your doctor a visit.


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