7 Elbow Whitening Tips At Home


Facial, cleansing for face, manicure for hands, pedicure for feet and numerous treatments for hair but have you ever looked at your elbows? Are they perfectly in accordance to your other body parts? Oh wait a second, don’t tell me this is the first time, you are planning to notice to your elbows.

Elbows are the most ignored part of our body and unfortunately when not given proper attention and care they turn dark, very dark and really look an odd part of our body. Where we try our best to ignore them but they are so clever to divert our attention towards them as one just can’t ignore those dark, ugly elbows.

I have never, so far, come across any treatment specifically for the elbows, and I actually hate it. No worries pals, I have some really magical totkas to turn your dark elbows into white shiny one.



Lemon and honey combo is the world’s best blend. They have magical powers to deal with almost every possible problem whether its weight related or skin related. In order to get rid of dark elbow just rub lemon and some honey on your elbow for couple of days, you will soon be shocked to see the result.

Coconut Oil

cocunat oil

Coconut is my magical potion. It contains Vitamin E which helps to lighten dark elbows. After every shower, gently apply coconut oil on your elbows.



Yoghurt acts as a cleanser as well. In order t get rid of your dark elbows; mix 1tsp of yoghurt with some drops of white vinegar and apply it on the dark area. Leave it for some time, and then wash it with luke warm water. After washing apply moisturizer. Repeat this process everyday for two weeks.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera for elbow

It is a skin lightener and moisturizer. All you have to do it, apply the gel of aloe vera on the affected part, leave it for half an hour, wash it with warm water. Repeat this procedure every day until you get the desired results.

Baking Soda

baking soda

We all know that baking soda does magic to teeth, it works same for the skin as well. Make a mixture of baking soda and milk; apply it on the dark part. Scrub it for some time and wash it after wards. Repeat this procedure after every two days.



Turmeric, milk and honey mixture is generally used to whiten the skin. Use this mixture on the affected part, gently rub it for 5 minutes then wash it off.

Olive oil

olive oil

Olive oil not only does magic to hair, it is also used as a moisturizer for skin. Equally mix sugar and olive oil till they turn into thick mixture. Rub it on the dark part for 10 minutes and then wash it off. You can use any soap to wash this mixture.

All above mentioned tips will give you result in sometime, just don’t expect quick result. Wait patiently to see change in your dark rough elbows.

Give attention to your elbows as well as they are the part of your body. Make sure you moisturize them. While cleaning you face, spare a moment for your elbow as well. When your body is in perfect form you feel perfect and confident too.