6 ways brides and grooms-to-be can look fresh on their big day


Brides and grooms-to-be have a lot of pressure to deal with before their big day – especially 21st century brides and grooms, who are nothing like the old days. They have to manage the wedding preparations on their own along with their jobs or education.

All that stress, along with the emotional roller coaster ride, tends to make the face and body fatigued. For such a big event, and a new beginning, the bride and groom need to look and feel their best.

Here are some tips to make them fresh on the inside as well as the outside! For best results, these steps need to be followed on a daily basis at least a month before the big day.


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C helps building collagen in the, this makes the skin very fresh and elastic, hence reducing wrinkles and lines. It makes the skin look much younger. Water obviously hydrates your body and skin. It is best to use this treatment each morning before breakfast and once in evening.

PS: lemon and water would also help you in getting rid of the muffin top!


Sun does more harm than just a sun tan; even if it’s winter season, it is very important to use a good sun block (zinc and titanium oxide as active ingredient) daily. Sun block makes the skin less sensitive to sun; it gives you an even skin tone and reduces red patches. Using a sun block also lessens wrinkles and prevents dark sun spots that take forever to go away.


Yes, egg whites, the protein rich food for body builders – but is that all that it is? Egg whites are used as masks for anti-aging purposes. Mixing an egg white with a tea spoon of honey will give you the best anti-aging mask you could ask for. Not only that, it also helps in closing the pores and making the skin tighter and softer. Honey has soothing properties, so it will lessen the redness on your face and soothe acne and pimple blemishes. This mask should be used twice a week for one month at least. If used on alternate days, you will see the best results.


HIIT is not just for fat loss. As much as it helps in staying fit, this is a short and effective way of getting your dose of workout, which would also lead to a greater blood circulation. Good blood circulation would keep your mind, body and skin fresh. It would help you deal with the daily stresses and still look fit and healthy for the big day. By doing HIIT circuits twice a day you will do yourself (and your better half) a huge favor.


Exfoliating facial skin is a common practice. However, you should also not forget your elbows and heels. Take some coconut oil, add salt and baking soda to it (do not eat it), use it to gently exfoliate your elbows, knees and heels. This procedure is even more effective if done after a warm shower or bath. Wipe the mixture with a towel once you’re done scrubbing.


The stress and work can cause us to lose a whole lot of sleep. But remember, you do not want to be greeting your guests and starting a new life with dark circles under your eyes. Nor do you want sleep deprived mood swings in your married life. So sleep well and do rest of the work tomorrow.

Try these tips before your big day and see how drastically your mood freshens up!