What are Terpenoids and Why Do They Matter?


Terpenes have the ability to affect our bodies in many different forms. As the beneficial oil that comes from a variety of plants, natural terpenes are not put through any kind of process that strips them of their natural components and properties. With plenty of antioxidants and nutrients in them, terpene oil if very frequently used in the newer vape devices that are on the market right now. If you’ve never heard of terpenoids or why are terpenes important, read on to find out more.

All about the Terpene Structure
Most plants in nature have a very strong smell that you’ll notice if you put your nose up to them. The natural smell that comes from a plant in nature is called a terpene or terpenoid. The terpenes that come from plants often have very strong medicinal properties. The terpenes that come from the cannabis plant can produce effects like decreased inflammation in the body, less chronic pain and they can even have an effect on how cancer is affecting a person’s body. Many CBD products are marketed as having a high terpene content. This is beneficial as these products will often have a very high medicinal benefit. Not to mention, the administration of the CBD and terpenes is very fast through the method of inhalation. Your body will absorb these ingredients much faster than if you were to take a capsule or tincture dosage.


Terpenoid Benefits
The regular use of CBD that contains terpenes can provide benefits that include:
-Decrease in pain
-Immune support
-Balance of mood
-Less anxiety
-Decreased seizures
-Bronchodilatory effects
-Antispasmodic effects

You can utilize this supplement option on a daily basis to really balance your body and help it function in its best form. With many different product types and brands on the market right now, you have plenty of options. You can quickly find something that will meet all of your personal requirements. You’ll want to find a product that is produced with a high terpene and CBD content that is made with a steam distillation process. This will provide you with the most benefits, while still allowing you to have a safe product that you feel comfortable taking on a daily basis. You may have an ongoing health condition that you feel might benefit from regular use. This could include something like asthma or COPD. Decreased immune function because of a health condition may benefit from ongoing use of terpenes and CBD as well.

Similar to Aromatherapy
Many people are using aromatherapy and essential oils as a way to boost their health and increase their overall well-being from an emotional and mental standpoint. Terpenes work very similarly. When you inhale a very floral and sweet scent (lavender or vanilla), you can find that a calm and sedative effect comes over you. There are much bright scents (peppermint and citrus) that will perk you up and boost your mood. There are scents that will boost your attention and make you more alert. The greater the scent is, the higher the terpene content. You want to inhale these scents in their most pure form to reap the most benefits.

It’s important to find a CBD product that fits your budget, but you want to make sure that the product you choose is made safely. Potency and purity are very important. A website such as CBD.market will only sell you products that come from reputable and trustworthy brands. The product that you are considering should come with information regarding THC content, additives, terpene content, etc. You should always know what you are putting in your body, whether it is a natural substance or not.


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