Types of Watches To Choose From


Accessories have contributed a lot in accentuating the overlook of a person. Over time, watches have turned from a mere time device to a fashion accessory that comes in different shapes, sizes, designs, and types to suit different personalities. Whether it’s for a corporate conference, romantic date, or college festival, there is a watch for every occasion.


Gone are the days when watches were used to determine the time. Watches have witnessed tremendous transformations since its inception. Today, watches does the work of calendar, compass, Smartphone, flashlight, etc., and also comes with a feature of water resistance. From Swiss to Japanese watches, manufacturers across the globe have battling among themselves to present the best version of wristwatches to the world.


Let’s take a look at the different types of watches that suits the dynamic requirements of people.


Analog Watches

The first-ever wristwatch designed in the history that was created like a miniature clock with 12 hours. It consists of an hour hand and a minute hand. Analog watches these days come with a third hand that denotes seconds.

Digital Watch

As the name suggests, digital watch displays time in digital format. A digital watch generally depicts hours, minutes, seconds in digits. Alarm is also a key feature of digital watches.


Automatic Watch

An automatic watch operates with the regular motion of wearer’s wrist. The energy of automatic watches is stored in a half-disc metal that runs when the arm is moved. The energy generated is enough to keep the watch running even during nights. The average running time of these watches is 24-48 hours.


Chronograph Watch

Another word for stopwatch, chronograph watches is a popular version of wristwatches. There are few buttons on the edge of the watch that helps in stopping and starting the watch. There are multiple dials in a chronograph watch that denotes, hours, minutes an d seconds separately, but also showcases the time in analog format.


Diving Watch

Designed for underwater divers, a diving watch comes with great water resistance. Water-resistance that is greater than 100m (330ft.) can be considered as a diving watch. 200 to 300 m water resistance is regarded as the ideal level of an efficient diving watch. Wearing a diving watch, you can go deeper into the sea and determine the time.


Hybrid Watches

Tantamount to its name, hybrid watches are a combination of an analog and digital watch with an LCD screen. Some hybrid watches look similar to analog ones, while others have a complete digital look with an LCD screen to boosts its appeal.


Touchscreen Watches

The current revolution in the watch industry is the smartwatches that come with a touch screen display. Now with touch screen watches you can do beyond ascertaining the time. You can connect it to your Smartphone, navigate through different options, and listen to music as well.


There’s no doubt in asserting that wristwatches have upgraded over time.


From the feature of determining date and direction, watches now come with water resistance. Not just a mere time device, watches have become a fashion accessory that helps in boosting a person’s overall personality. The above mentioned were some of the common and popular forms of watches that offer distinctive appeal to your personality.


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