Toothache Causes & Natural Remedies


Yes – it is true that toothache pain is the worst type of pain which distracts you from what you need to do for the day. Toothache pain usually occurs due to poor dental hygiene. But there isn’t a specific time, this unbearable pain occurs anytime, anywhere, and usually, without any warning.

In short, toothache pain is the worst thing that ruins your whole day. What to do for a toothache is the very common question that frequently asked by thousands of people. Many people ignore toothache pain just because they don’t have enough budgets to gain professional dental services.  If you are also among one of them, then there is no need to worry more! You can get toothache relief with the help of natural remedies. But before knowing about those natural remedies, you have to aware of the causes of this worst pain.

Causes of Toothache:

Following are the most common causes of toothache:

Dental Causes of Toothache:

  • Tooth Damage
  • Gum Disease
  • Tooth Decay

Non-Dental Causes of Toothache:

  • Sinus Pain Infection
  • Cluster Headache
  • Heart Attack
  • Diabetes
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Nerve Diseases
  • Viral Infections

Now, get ready to unfold the question of what to do for a toothache. Give a read to this article to know about the home remedies for toothache pain. You can easily get rid of toothache by following these natural remedies. According to, you have to follow natural remedies for curing toothache as natural remedies have no side effects. Keep following these natural ways to get toothache relief.

Home Remedies for Toothache:

Following are the tested remedies through which you can get relief immediately.

Clove Oil for Toothache Relief:

Cloves are the natural ingredient that has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to provide instant relief from a toothache. After applying clove oil, your toothache pain diminishes within a couple of minutes. It helps to diminish pain because of eugenol.

The Things You Need:

  • Clove Oil
  • Cotton Ball

What You Have to Do?

  • First of all, take a cotton ball, dip it on the clove oil
  • Once done, you have to apply it directly on the affected tooth, and leave it to sit on for several minutes
  • You have to repeat this toothache remedy 3 to 4 times daily

Caution: Don’t try to lick the clove oil.

Vanilla Extract for Toothache:

Vanilla extract is best for treating toothache as it contains antiseptic and analgesic properties through which you can get instant relief from toothache. Follow the below ways and get effective results.

The Things You Need:

  • Vanilla Extract
  • Cotton Swab

What You Have to Do?

  • Get a cotton swab and pour 1 to 2 drops of vanilla extract on it
  • Then, you have to apply it directly on the affected tooth
  • You have to repeat the same toothache remedy when required

Baking Soda to Prevent Tooth Ache:

Baking soda works great as its anti-inflammatory nature will help to reduce swelling, while its antibacterial properties will help in treating both tooth or gum infection that may be causing the pain.

The Things You Need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water

What You Have to Do?

  • Take a small amount of water and add a tsp of baking soda in it, mix very well, until the powder dissolved
  • Once done, you have to use this liquid as a mouth rinse
  • You should have to repeat the same remedy when required

Thankfully, you unfold the question of what to do for a toothache. Follow the above natural remedies and get rid of toothache pain. Remember that natural remedies have no side effect. Good Luck!