Love Tarot Reading: The Best Love Tarot Cards


Like in any tarot reading, there are always uncertainties clients face when they are having their fortunes read. Especially when it comes to love, people want readings that can help them with their relationships. For those still finding love, they want readings that can encourage them to pursue love.


  1. The Lovers Tarot

From the name itself, this is the card you want to see in your tarot reading. The Lovers Tarot is about unity, harmony, and trust in a relationship. These traits are one of the goals of any relationship as these traits signify confidence in one another. When this card appears in your reading, then you can be assured your relationship is true and strong.

  1. The Empress Tarot

True to its name and image, the Empress Tarot represents beauty, peacefulness, and feminine power. The image that you see symbolizes stability, which is a great card to receive if you are in a relationship. The card shows that your relationship is built to last. Also, if you and your partner want to have children, then this is a great card as it indicates fertility and birth.

On the other hand, for those of you who are single, then the Empress Tarot is the right card for you. This card signifies that love will be on your way.

  1. The Strength Tarot

If you are in a relationship, then the Strength Tarot is one of the best cards you can receive. Strength signifies solidity, stability, confidence, and perseverance against adversity. As long as you and your partner face each problem together, then both of you can overcome these problems easily.

  1. The Sun Tarot

With the rays of the Sun shining on your relationship, you can expect a relationship that is full of positivity and contentment. The Sun Tarot indicates an everlasting relationship that can significantly give a positive impact to those closest to you. The importance of the Sun implies that you should never take for granted those who are most important to you. Learn to cherish your relationship with your partner as time is limited.

If you are single, then this card is also an ideal card for you as it indicates that your positive demeanor will attract someone eventually.

  1. The Justice Tarot

While the other tarot cards indicate stability, confidence, and among others, the Justice Tarot indicates responsibility for one’s actions. Every relationship has its faults, the challenge for you and your partner is to take responsibility. If you were the one responsible for the problem, then do not try to pass the blame to your partner. The Justice Tarot is an ideal indicator if you want your relationship to last as it indicates maturity and responsibility with your decisions.



  1. The Two Of Cups Tarot

As shown in the image of the Two of Cups Tarot, the man and the woman depicts unity and mutual understanding between the two. Both of them are holding cups to each other that looks like they are offering each other a drink, which can indicate marriage or union. This tarot is a good indicator that your relationship indicates faithfulness and fidelity to one another.

  1. The Knight Of Cups Tarot

When you see the Knight of Cups Tarot, do you see a knight in shining armor? Like in fairy tales and movies, a knight in shining armor is always associated with romance and love. This tarot symbolizes grace and calmness that can attract people to the Knight. If you are in a relationship, then the tarot may imply you were attracted to your partner because of his or her wit, imagination, and grace. On the other hand, if you are single, then what better card to receive than the Knight of Cups? This card is a good sign that love is on your way, and you must be ready when it happens.

  1. The Ten Of Cups Tarot

The Ten of Cups Tarot symbolizes happiness, harmony, unity, and love. The Ten of Cups Tarot depicts a happy couple standing next to each other while their children are playing and above them is a rainbow full of golden cups. Like the Four of Wands Tarot, the Ten of Cups symbolizes a marriage that has contentment and love. As a rainbow appears after a rain, the rainbow indicates an abundance of blessings after many struggles and hardships. If you are looking to tie the knot with your partner, then this tarot is a good omen.

  1. The Ten Of Pentacles Tarot

Like the other tarot cards, the Ten of Pentacles Tarot indicates a stable relationship. More than a stable relationship, this tarot indicates that you and your partner will have good health and stable finances. Also, this card is a good sign that your relationship will eventually blossom into a marriage that is stable and successful.

  1. The Four Of Wands Tarot

Based on the image, the Four of Wands is a depiction of celebration and happiness. If you are in a relationship, the celebration could be a depiction of important events like marriage or engagement. Other than celebrations and parties, this tarot indicates stability, success, and happiness in your family. If you are single, the Four of Wands may symbolize that you will reunite with a former flame.


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