How are media platforms helping the healthcare system of Pakistan in the fight against COVID-19?


Every country is fighting against COVID-19. In this pandemic situation, when mobility is restricted, different platforms are helping them to fight against this pandemic situation. In these platforms, the media platform is one of the important platforms that is contributing a large to the fight against COVID-19.

Some of the key roles by which media platforms have helped the healthcare systems of Pakistan in the fight against COVID-19 are described below.

Awareness about innovations and health initiatives

Pakistani media has a huge part in spreading awareness to the people that how can they protect themselves from COVID-19. For this, Pakistani media has provided awareness about the innovations and health initiatives that are being developed in Pakistan to control COVID-19.

These innovations and health initiatives are also media-based such as online medical education programs that are conducted by medical professionals.

Yaran-e-Watan Platform

Yaran-e-Watan platform is a digital media platform that is launched in Pakistan to respond the emergency cases. That response is conducted by Pakistani health professionals. This platform also conducts tele-training medical sessions and counsel the patients.

Yaran-e-Watan also helps to tackle public health problems. In the Yaran-e-Watan platform, more than 3000 health professionals are registered who share their clinical expertise. In this way, this platform is helping a lot to the healthcare system of Pakistan.

Digitization of healthcare systems

Mobile media and social media are helping the healthcare systems during this pandemic situation not only in Pakistan but globally. They are a source to engage the patients and the healthcare professionals to discuss their health problems in the virtual environment. In this way, patients obtain the opportunity to get cost-effective and immediate advice from the HCPs.

For example, in Pakistan, different Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and a lot of mobile applications are places where most health-related issues have been solved in the COVID-19 pandemic duration, and people do not come for a checkup in the hospital.

Digital tools Awareness

The media platforms also help the healthcare system of Pakistan by spreading awareness about digital tools. Digital tools are a great source for medical awareness in this pandemic situation.

Digital tools not only provide medical awareness but also help to educate the patients on how to share their medical information, such as health issues. They also provide awareness that how to connect with clinicians online.

Introduction of Digital Healthcare system

The Pakistani government has provided priority for the development of digital healthcare systems. Digital media and social media have an important role to spread awareness about this platform as their advertisement was necessary, and that step was done with the help of digital media. In this way, media has helped the healthcare system of Pakistan during COVID-19 and share a little bit of their burden.

A mobile application CORONA CHECKis was established by the Agha Khan Hospital in partnership with the Sindh government. This application enables Pakistani people to evaluate their symptoms easily and safely with an in-home screening tool. After that, it will provide you next steps that will teach you how to take care of yourself.

Basic awareness to protect yourself from COVID-19

Media platforms have also even provided basic awareness to protect yourself from COVID-19. A lot of advertisements are daily played in the videos.

Digital Media is also providing awareness and educating the people on how to get COVID-19 vaccines. It has explained from vaccine registration to vaccine getting process in detail so that the healthcare system does not disturb.


From all of the above discussion, it is clear that media has played an important role in helping the healthcare systems of Pakistan in the COVID-19 pandemic conditions. It has been appeared in different forms, either in educating the people or spreading safety awareness.

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