Difference between a dentist and an orthodontist


The study and treatment of teeth problems have a full background history because dentistry has been a famous field of medicine known for decades. In the past, Egyptians were the first to use dental implantation as a treatment for missing teeth.

So after the start of the 19th century, the field of dentistry evolved and now today it is using straight of the art modern techniques for oral health purposes. New equipment, modern technique, and evolution in diagnoses has created an in-depth knowledge of every single disease.

Due to progress, more study was required to fulfill this gap, so in order to overcome this issue dentistry sprout into several branches dealing with each specialty. Like this, the field of orthodontic emerged as a new way to provide better alignment of teeth by using braces and other orthodontic procedures.

Though many people get confused with these two fields i.e. Dentistry and orthodontics, although they seem the same, but have some major difference that one should know before visiting any wrong place. Today we are discussing some important points on the difference between dentistry and orthodontics.

Let’s have a look!

Who is a dentist?

A dentist is a person who treats dental problems either with medicine or with surgical interventions. Most of the times the dentist includes services related to family dentistry treating children, teenage and geriatric patients. Then again they also do regular checkups and help a lot in early diagnoses of the real problem behind tooth decay or gingivitis.

Orthodontists job and their specialty

For becoming orthodontists it need further training after BDS, because orthodontic is a specialty that deal with the misalignment of teeth, occlusion and jaw shape. Not only this they are also specialized in early diagnosis of malposition teeth that is going to disturb the alignment of the whole oral cavity.

After that they not only treat these problems with drugs but also surgically by using braces and physical appliances. These appliances may include the bands, bridges and brackets other than these there are also various advanced ways used by orthodontists.

For this reason one need to visit them for week after week and also for years to treat malocclusions and misalignment of the teeth in the oral cavity. Hence, they are highly specialized medical professionals using their specialty for primary diagnosis and preventive dentistry as well.

How dentists are different from orthodontics?

The dentists and orthodontics seem the same because they both are responsible for dental care and treatment but there is a difference that must know. Orthodontics are also dentists and can provide services like a dentist as well, but not all dentists are orthodontists.

Because becoming an orthodontist all dentists require more training and learning years additional to their Bachelors. A dentist without training in orthodontics can’t treat mal-occluded, misaligned and over rode teeth.

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