Enjoy your weekend with one-bite pizza and mozzarella sticks!

Mahvish Khan Nov 14 2015

When it comes to dinner or lunch, one has millions of ideas but indeed it’s a very difficult task to decide what to serve with tea. How long you are going to serve ready to cook things like samosas or biscuits?

I am done with eating samosas, nuggets and biscuits at tea times; the monotony is too much to handle. Everyone loves change and change in menu is one of those ah-ma-zing things people like. Today, I will share very simple recipes which you can add in your snacks with tea.




Black pepper
White pepper
Chicken (small pieces)
Ketchup or tomato puree
3 sauces (vinegar, soya sauce, chili sauce)

The quantity depends on your usage and how much you are planning to make.


1) Cut all the vegetables (cabbage, capsicum, carrot) in a Julian cut.

2) Add some oil in a pan, and fry chicken and vegetables by adding pepper, salt, chili flakes and three sauces.

3) Take out the chicken-vegetable mixture in a plate.

4) Cut onions and tomatoes in a round shape and keep them in another plate.

5) Take the bread, cut its crusts and in a very little oil, fry it.

6) Now cut the bread into two halves.

7) Cover the base of bread with ketchup.

8) In the middle of bread, add some chicken-vegetable mixture and also add one tomato and onion ring.

9) Sprinkle some olives and cheese on it and join the two ends of bread together or you can even make a circle of it.

10) In an oven, keep the bread bites for one minute.

11) The mini pizza bites are ready to serve




Mozzarella cheese bar
Bread crumbs
Corn flour
Black and white pepper
Chili flakes


1) Cut mozzarella bar in the form of small sticks.

2) In a plate, take out bread crumbs and add some black and white pepper, salt and chili flakes.

3) Now dip the mozzarella stick into egg, then dip it in corn flour and last in bread crumbs.

4) Repeat the same procedure thrice on each stick.

5) Keep these sticks in a freezer for some time.

6) Deep fry them and enjoy with a sauce of your choice.

These are two very simple recipes for your evening snacks. Test them over the weekend and let us know what you thought about it in the comments section below!


Mahvish Khan

Mahvish Khan:

She is a teacher and an English grad from the University of Karachi. She likes the finer things in life.