Celebrate the New Year with this delightful coco-coffee dessert!


This decadent dessert is for anyone who doesn’t prefer the heavy rich chocolate desserts. It is perfect for a last minute impromptu party.

Impress your guests with this easy to make chocolaty-coffee goodness that’s looks fancy without requiring much effort.



1) Soak the Marie biscuits in a mixture of coffee, water and sugar. Lay them at the bottom of a dish. Ensure not to soak them for too long as they may become too soggy and break.

2) In the two packs of cream, add sugar, coffee and coco powder to create a mixture. Take dome of this out in a bowl separately. Whip the rest to make it fluffy.

3) Now in the cream mixture that was separated, dip the brownies and layer them on top of the biscuits evenly.

4) Add the whipped cream to the top and ensure it covers the entire top layer.

5) Refrigerate the dessert until serving time. Dust some coco powder or sprinkles on top before serving.

This dish is perfect for celebrations and get-togethers. Make it for your loved ones and surprise them with its delicious goodness.