5 Activity Ideas Mothers Can Enjoy with Their Kids

Here's how you can spend some quality mother/child time


The bond of mother and child is something undeniable. It is one of the most beautiful relationships in the whole world. There is simply no one like a mother and for the mother, no one more precious than her child. Sad reality of today is, most mothers are working which gives them very little time to spend with their children. And even the mothers who do not have a job are extremely caught up with house chores and their own activities.

It is essential to understand that mothers and kids should spend more quality time together doing things they can enjoy with each other. This article will give you 5 activity ideas that you can enjoy with your children, no matter what age or gender they may be. Try them all out and see how happiness dominates your day!

1.      A Scrapbook or Photo Album

This is perhaps one of the best things that you and your children can enjoy. A scrapbook can be filled up with literally anything from pictures of both your favorite TV shows/actors to a photo album that starts from the day you got married! Just involve your kid in the activity and they are bound to enjoy it.

5 Activity Ideas Mothers Can Enjoy with Their Kids10

2.      Origami

Even if you don’t know how to do it, now is the time to learn with your child. There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials available and you can start with the very basic one. Just have lots of paper handy because you will be wasting quite a few!

5 Activity Ideas Mothers Can Enjoy with Their Kids9

3.      Cooking or Baking

This one is easy and fun! Just make sure you involve the kids and not end up cooking or baking the entire food yourself. Try to pick a dish that your child loves so that the next time they can make it on their own!

5 Activity Ideas Mothers Can Enjoy with Their Kids8

4.      Instrument Classes

This is going to be one very interesting and fun filled activity that can extend to days instead of a few hours. Pick an instrument that both you and your child enjoys listening to or playing and take classes. If you guys aren’t into music, get into a gym membership or a karate club or even an art class.

5 Activity Ideas Mothers Can Enjoy with Their Kids7

5.      A Date

This is something that you will cherish for life, if you instill this in your kids at a young age. Now how you go about it depends on you and your kids’ preferences. The whole idea is to make sure that if you have more than one children, you only go out with one at a time. If they are all agreeable then all can go. But spending some quality time alone with one child lets them have all your undivided attention and also gives them a chance to share everything they wish for.

5 Activity Ideas Mothers Can Enjoy with Their Kids6

The date could be something as simple as movies, dinner, lunch, a trip to the beach or even a shopping trip to the local mall. What activity you decide is up to you and the kids.

So which of these activities do you like best and plan to enjoy with your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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