Wrong No. or Bin Roye: Which movie should you watch this eid?


This Eid, the Pakistani audience has a major decision to make: Should they watch Humayun Saeed’s Bin Roye or Yasir Nawaz’s Wrong Number? While we strongly suggest you to watch both, but still it’s a smart thought to do a little research.

Wrong No.

Wrong No. at first confronted a great deal of criticism; however after the premiere the tables appear to have turned. Yasir Nawaz and team proved everybody off-base. The motion picture was liked by all who were invited to the premiere. The cast supported their parts and performed well. Danish Taimoor, Sohai Ali Abro, Janita Asma and that’s just the beginning, were all refreshing and gave in exemplary execution.

Not long after the trailer was released, the steamy dance performances of Sohai Ali Abro were the intriguing topic for many. Individuals were all up to judge the film before its release and began calling it conventional following the same ‘item number’ controversy.

Yasir, however, rushed to legitimize the need of melodies like ‘Selfian’ and ‘Kundi’. He cleared up that these songs were needed to give the story the sought shape. Besides he cleared up that these melodies are not ‘item numbers’. Wrong No. is a family-oriented comic film, nothing close to vulgarity as many critics say.

The motion picture was more like a debut film for some. It gave a kick start to drama artists by giving them the stage they required. Performing artists like Sohai, Janita, Nadeem Jaffery and more, got an opportunity to prove themselves and they did it in style. Wrong No. definitely created artists, the industry now has more youthful on-screen characters available.

After the premiere release, the film changed perceptions for many. It was acknowledged and cherished by several producers, directors and celebrities.

Bin Roye

On the contrary, Humayun Saeed’s Bin Roye is a complete different genre. With the stunning Mahira Khan as lead, the movie is set to win hearts. The premiere of the film was held on Monday in the midst of much pomp and was attended by big names of the Pakistani media industry. Mahira Khan was the back bone, there’s no doubt about that. Her acting brought the audience to tears. She was splendid. Humayun Saeed again is a veteran actor of the industry and performed well. Like always, his charm was enough to leave everyone’s mouth open.

The best part about the film is that while it touches upon the topic of love and romance, it does not make the audience feel uncomfortable or at unease in any scene. It is made keeping in mind the Pakistani culture, which is what makes it more beautiful. The music and score of the film is mesmerizing along with Mahira’s dance performances.

The movie makers of Bin Roye are not new to the industry; they are all experienced and know what they are doing. The story has some loop holes as we heard after the premiere but overall, it is a hit. Bin Roye will be facing Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan on Eid and so the Pakistani Bin Roye is already banned in some states of India which shows insecurity.

We wish luck to both the films which are unique in their own might. Both are amazing and are from completely different genres. Hence, we recommend you to watch both the hits.