Why a Minion movie is what we all need


Ever since Despicable Me came out in 2010, these yellow things – call them nuggets, potatoes, or yellow fire hydrants – have taken over the hearts of millions all over the world, including mine. This is why I was over the moon when I first heard about the Minions movie.

The first time I was introduced to them in Despicable Me 1, I felt very strange seeing them, because I couldn’t understand they were or what they were saying. However, after sometime, they grew on me. Their hilarious scenes became a form of laughter therapy. Learning their minion language became my goal. And I wasn’t the only one. Minions became the new obsession for everyone, and with a movie based only on them, one can understand how very well it would do on the silver screen.

MINIONS Official Trailer 3 by CGMeetup

And the minions have taken over the merchandise industry as well. Stuffed toys, talking robots, coloring books and more have started to pop-up in different markets. Even in Pakistan, the sale of minion-products is skyrocketing. There are many Facebook pages in Pakistan that are selling minion phone covers for almost every phone accessible.  Minion cakes and school bags and other accessories have also taken the market by storm in Pakistan.

Like most animated characters take a toll on people, the special thing about minions is that it isn’t liked by a certain gender preference only, but by all.

Did you know that even though we all think that minions are just making noises, they are actually speaking a language of their own? I found a post on Facebook, where you could learn to speak the minion language. Some of the words were translated as,

  • Hello – Bello!
  • Goodbye – Poopaye!
  • I swear – Underwear
  • Fire – BEE DO BEE DO BEE DO!
  • We love you – Tulaliloa Ti Amo!
  • For you – Para Tu
  • Toy – Baboi
  • What – Po ka
  • Apple – Babie
  • One – Hana
  • Two – Dui
  • Three – Saw


largeThe Minions movie works as an introduction as to how the minions came about and explores their search for a master who is formidable enough to utilize their dastardly skills. After ages, and uncountable failed efforts, the minions fall into depression. That is when the three brave minions – Kevin, Stuart and Bob – set out to find a new master. They find Scarlett Overkill, who recruits them into her plan for stealing Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

Personally, Kevin is my favorite as he is the smartest one out of all the three, but I love Stuart’s humor to everything he encounters.

The Minions movie was released on July 11th, and I am sure it is going to be box office kickers. Poopaye!