Reham Khan – Innocent or guilty?


There comes a time for all famous personalities to be scrutinized by the media – whether they are athletes, politicians or actors and actresses. Right now, its Reham Khan’s turn, who herself is a journalist.

A British newspaper, Daily Mail, recently questioned Reham’s educational qualifications and degree. According to Reham, she has attended North Lindsey College in the UK to study Broadcast Journalism but, as per the newspaper, her claim is untrue.

The paper claims that she has, in fact, not attended the college, and officials of the college have stated that no such course of study is offered. The college even denied any enrollment of any student by the name of ‘Reham Khan’. Her personal website further stated that she became a reporter with BBC on a regional show as part of her study.

Her website has now been updated to reflect a new college name, Grimsby Institute, North East Lincolnshire.

All of this is very intriguing. And I have a few questions.

Firstly, if she had not studied at North Lindsey College, as the Daily Mail claims, why did she mention it on her website? It does not make sense to me, because as I just checked, the college really does not offer any courses in Broadcast Journalism.

Secondly, why would she change the name of the university on her official website after this controversy, if this were not true?

Of course, we all know BBC is a huge media group, and she has worked with them as a broadcast journalist for a couple of years. Would they be able to corroborate her story of attending either Grimsby Institute or North Lindsey College? Why would they never bother to check her credentials?

When Reham finally came forward, she said that she had never claimed of opting for a degree in Broadcast Journalism, rather she had completed a course/diploma in Broadcast Media from Grimsby Institute Media Center. Reham also states that these allegations of her false degree and qualifications are being carried out by a select few people with an agenda of their own.

What agenda would they have? Sure, she is the wife of Imran Khan, chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. But why attack her? According to Reham, the UK authorities are currently looking into a different case regarding a high profile political personality, and that the media is getting diverted by these “smoke screens.”

Reham Khan needs to plainly come out and clarify each and everything about her qualifications. Many people, even in Pakistan it seems, think that her degree is unauthentic. Why not put these rumors to rest once and for all?

If she has nothing to hide, then it seems that Daily Mail has shown the utmost lack of professionalism and doing what most people think the media does – i.e. lie.

Let’s take a different approach to this; if a doctor had been scrutinized and it was found out that his/her qualifications were faked, what would happen to that doctor? He/she would definitely be suspended and their license to practice would be revoked.

If the same case applies here, and if Reham really has lied about her qualifications, would we revoke her license to come on TV and host an entire show? Would she go through the same punishment any other individual in another profession would go through for the same crime?

Reham needs to make things very clear. Either she is lying, or the Daily Mail is, and either way, someone needs to be sued.