Eid: Celebrations and celebrities!


Eid-ul-Fitr is a standout amongst the most anticipated Islamic festivals for all Muslims. Despite the fact that Muslims of different societies have a unique style of celebrating such festivals, each household is known to love Eid for variable reasons.

Firstly, since Muslims all around the world spend the holy month of Ramadan fasting, Eid gives them alleviation as in they can eat to their souls content. According to convention, special sweet suppers are made at home to commend the delight of Eid. For Pakistan, kheer, gulab jamun and sheer khormah are top choices. Evenings are spent in imploring, eating out, meeting companions and shopping. Night matches are additionally played intensively amid this time.

Another energizing part of Eid is Eidi. Eidi is a monetary gift given to youngsters by family members and other relatives. The youngsters are generally most eager to get it and are normally intending to gather as much money as they can. Indeed, even the women who are busy bees amid Bakra Eid, have an opportunity to unwind and loosen up amid Eid-ul-Fitr – henceforth, they love to invest energy in salons to look great. Spas and saloons are jam-packed around this time. Young ladies adore putting Mehendi on their hands – a custom that is followed since ages now.

Eid commences for three days where the vast majority of us have no responsibilities except to relax, bond with our family members and catch-up with friends. Numerous get-togethers, suppers and snacks are planned for this reason.

Pakistanis are a people who love to celebrate. And what better way to do it than to be entertained by our very own movie industry?

In the wake of battling for quite a long time, the Pakistani film industry is all set to offer three super motion pictures to Pakistanis this Eid. The cinemas are expected to be stuffed this time. Bin Roye, Wrong Number, Hulla Gulla, Dhek Magar Pyar Se, and Karachi Se Lahore are all set to hit the silver screen around this Eid. Pakistanis are all recommended to fasten their safety belts and be prepared to have an exciting ride.

Like every Eid our celebrities will do their best to amuse us. Passing up a great opportunity for the luxuries, our famous celebrities are putting in days and nights on planning for special Eid transmissions to keep us occupied and entertained. We tried reaching out some celebrities to know how they plan on spending their Eid.

Nadia Hussain (supermodel)

“Eid is spent visiting family… Hopping from one to another; lunch at one place and dinner somewhere else. Chand raat will be spent at my saloon catering to clients for last minute pampering.”

Sarwat Gillani (actor)

“This Eid I would like to do something different. I would like to go and spend it with the under privileged people of our society. Take Eidi and gifts for them. This would make my day. It is very important to remember the under privileged at occasions like these as we are the only people who by doing something really small can make a huge difference in their lives and make them feel special. On Chand Raat, I want to buy my helpers Eid gifts and take them out for bangles and henna!”

Saima Azhar (model):

“Eid is a special day. It is usually spent with friends and family. Eid nights are all about eating out, meeting people and watching movies. Chand raat on the other hand is shopping time, buying things on the last minute is always fun. For Pakistanis and all my fans, I would like to say, ‘Forget about everything, it’s Eid yaar, enjoy and look damn good!’”

Eid Mubarak Pakistan!