Aik Zaroori Baat: Safety Lessons For Your Kid’s Security


There’s no denying the fact that our children are vulnerable and unsafe. And we’re sure that as parents you would want your children to be protected from the dangers of the world. Therefore, it’s high time to remove the ‘taboo’ label off these crucial topics and work on increasing awareness to secure children. Some parents find this a tough conversation to initiate about with their young ones and we couldn’t agree more.


Knorr recently launched a video campaign titled ‘Aik Zaroori Baat’. The campaign features two child-friendly videos that aim to educate children about self-protection in dangerous situations. The best part: the videos feature the well-loved mascots of Knorr, Chuck and Chatty, who communicate this important message to children in an easy to understand yet engaging way.


The first video talks about how it is important for kids to never talk to strangers. Children need to understand that anyone they haven’t met or talked to before is a stranger. Such people are dangerous and hence they should never talk to them, take any items from them or even go anywhere with them. Also, parents should create safe spaces for their children and ensure their little ones completely trust them.


Th second video highlights the different between ‘bad touch’ and ‘good touch’. A bad touch is any kind of touch that feels uncomfortable or inappropriate. Children have complete control over how people interact with them and hence they should say no to any touch that they don’t like. Parents need to give their children the confidence to speak up against such instances and listen to them when they report such incidents.


Such conversations can be challenging and awkward. However, these videos can help introduce the topic to children and lead to more detailed discussions. Remember to always stress on the importance of sharing so that kids feel empowered and confident enough to report incidents immediately without hesitation.

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