Did You Know? Gardening Can Keep You Healthy and Happy


Spaces filled with lush greenery have always been hallmarks of serenity, rejuvenation and happiness. Now imagine recreating that beautiful green space within the four walls of your home. Imagine the satisfaction and peace of mind that you would achieve as you work with nature and witness the fruits of your labor. Experts recommend gardening as an excellent activity for stress relief and relaxation.  The tension and anxiety of the daily grind can leave you feeling mentally and physically drained. Gardening is the perfect cure to freshen up and regain your focus.
Whether you’re already an enthusiastic gardener or planning to try it out, these 4 great gardening benefits will make you love the activity even more.

Stay Physically Fit with Nature

Gardening is considered to be a form of mild exercise. All the digging, sowing, weeding, mowing and lifting keeps your body active. In fact, individuals suffering from osteoporosis (a condition characterized by poor bone health) should definitely consider taking up gardening as a hobby. Research suggests that gardening is a safe and healthy exercise that makes osteoporosis easier to manage.

Gardening the Stress Away

Gardening forces you to take a break from the daunting list of daily duties that leave you exhausted. The sensory appeal of the natural surroundings has a powerful soothing effect, allowing you to regain your focus. For many gardeners, the activity is a form of meditation. It gives you the peace and quiet you need to detach yourself from the chaos of the world. Gardening time is all about you and the beautiful plants that you are tending to.

Grow Your Own Fresh Food

Most gardeners prefer to grow their own vegetables and fruits in addition to other plants. The benefits of having your own vegetable and fruit patch are tremendous. The satisfaction of using homegrown food in your daily meals is a phenomenal feeling, only made better with the knowledge that the food is completely organic, fresh and brimming with wholesome nutrients.

Get Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Working in the sun actively replenishes your body’s Vitamin D stores. This vitamin is also called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because it is generated when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It strengthens your immune system which is responsible for protecting your body from various infections and diseases. It also fortifies your bones and teeth, preventing them from becoming weak as you get older.
While sun exposure is important, keep in mind that too much sunlight can cause sunburn. Experts caution against constant and prolonged sun exposure since it can increase the risk of skin cancer. To protect yourself from these risks, here are a few precautionary measures:

  1. Do not engage in gardening when the sun is at its peak (usually around noon)
  2. Always wear sunscreen
  3. Wear a large floppy hat that prevents the sun from hitting your face directly

Are You Ready to Create Your Own Garden?

You don’t have to be a pro at gardening to start your own garden. Forget about the possibility of getting average results the first time you plant something. Relish the experience and immerse yourself in the beauty of your garden. Your gardening skills will improve with time, and so will your health and happiness.

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