Top Health Tips for Women


Like men, women need to concentrate more on their health than any other aspect in their life. Most women are seen to give up on their healthy life to be more of a wife. It is not only essential to look good but feel good too. Women are strong when it comes to tolerance of pain

It is a long ladder to being healthy and then staying healthy. The first step is to eat healthy, as what you eat, is what you become. Give you’re the body the time it deserves and realize that if you do not take care of it properly as you should, it will fail to take care of you in the long term.

Keeping yourself physically fit by making some time for your fitness is as important as eating right. Trying to live a longer healthier life is not an easy task. HTV has come up with some interesting facts on how women can stay healthy. Here are some of our health tips for women:


Laugh out loud. They say laughing is the best cure to anything. It is important for you to let out your stress through this method which bears no actual cost. It also boosts your immune system and helps to keep you blood pressure low.

No Skipping Breakfast

People who eat breakfast are thinner than people who avoid it. Having the first meal of the day early, keeps your metabolism more active through the rest of your day. Intake of fiber in the morning causes you to be less hungry late in the afternoon, when you’re tempted for a heavy snack.

Beauty Sleep

It is not only important to sleep early and get 7 hours of sleep for your beauty but, for your health too. Getting a sufficient amount of sleeping hours helps you prolong your life, lowers stress, sharpens your memory and lastly, saves you from those late night cravings!

Eating Right

Staying healthy means eating the right things and on the right time. Skipping meals or avoiding certain foods is a no go area. A woman should have nutrients to lead a healthy life cycle such as, iron, calcium, and folic acid. These should be included in your daily meals somehow. Adding flax seeds, green tea, dairy products like eggs, milk and curd should be consumed on a daily average.


Set a routine to do some sort of physical exercise on a daily basis to keep you strong and fit. Do not aim to being thin and lean, but strive towards a healthy lifestyle. For starters, walk in the park, or stretch in the morning and before you sleep or take the stairs. You can also try to fit in fun ways such as Zumba, aerobics or even belly dancing.

Some ‘Me’ Time

It is important to enjoy your own company. Pamper yourself by doing things that you enjoy. Relax your mind by taking a trip to the spa or having a go at a good novel. Recharge yourself by joining a class of your interest, or even by keeping a journal. The main aim here is to give yourself the amount of time, to revitalize yourself and keep the stress at bay.

Lastly, go for regular checkups. Choose a good doctor which will help you keep a check on any illness that may occur. It is better to find out about any hidden illness and prevent it at an early detection than later.