Cure Low Blood Pressure at Home


We have all had our blood pressure checked at some point in our lives, and we often do not know what the numbers state. Although we do know when our blood pressure is high as doctors often warn or ask patients about blood pressure in their examinations, however, to be clear low blood pressure is as bad as high blood pressure.

Doctors usually warn people not to get up quickly from either lying down or seated position. This is, because often our blood pressure drops because of it. Therefore, due to low blood pressure there are many organs that are affected by it and can cause serious health conditions. Hypotension is another word for low blood pressure, the supply of blood reduces when one suffers from this condition and if the blood supply reduces, many major organs such as the heart and brain do not get the required amount of blood, thus causing dizziness and fainting.

Medication is prescribed for low blood pressure in serious conditions; however, there are several home remedies that can help control low blood pressure.

1. Frequent Eating

Frequent Eating Cure Low Blood Pressure at Home

Often we are stopped from snacking at odd times of the day; we fear weight gain and not having a proper meal later on. However, if you suffer from low blood pressure you should snack regularly, but snack healthy. In between meals the gaps should not be extended, eating small portions of food, something healthy will help keep the blood pressure in check and provide enough energy.

2. Salt is Necessary

Salt is Necessary to Cure Low Blood Pressure at Home

Yes salt, but it does not mean that we put excess salt in all our foods from now on that is dangerous in itself. Research claims that except for the salt we get from our food and fruits we should in fact have one tablespoon of salt in excess (in case of low blood pressure); this salt helps keep the blood pressure in check. Salt helps rejuvenate the body and keep the blood pressure in a normal range instantly.

3. Fluids are Your Friends

 Fluids are Your Friends to Cure Low Blood Pressure at Home

Remember those health facts that we should drink 2 liters of water a day? Well, it turns out those facts are a hundred percent correct. Water and juices will help give you electrolytes which are required by your body to balance the blood pressure levels. Several fresh juices can help keep the body hydrated, because if the body is not hydrated blood pressure quickly falls. In Pakistan several homemade and fresh juice centers are present, get yourself a glass, and otherwise keep drinking water.

4. Caffeine Please

Caffeine Please to Cure Low Blood Pressure at Home

We often drink coffee to keep ourselves alert and active when studying all night or when trying to stay up after a long. Not just coffee, several forms of caffeine are present in the market, but this is probably the healthiest. The caffeine in coffee enables the body to get a boost in energy which helps keep the blood pressure in check. If you are suffering from low blood pressure or if it suddenly falls, a quick cup of Joe can help get it back on track.

5. Almond Milk

Almond Milk to Cure Low Blood Pressure at Home

Almond is widely available in our country and used in all sorts of dishes from sweet to salty. Get either almond milk or make it yourself as it is extremely beneficial. Make a paste from half a dozen almonds and boil them into a drink. This will help keep the blood pressure under control. As it has no harmful of fattening elements, almond milk is good for health.

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